Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept 25: Suzanne Kraft, San Gabriel, and Bbrave at FEVER party #7 with L.A. RECORD

When I see events like this they scare me in a way. It is because there is a "dance floor"- EEEeeee!- the word sends chills down my spine because I have never been able to dance. I come from a long line of uptight Dutch ancestry with deeply embedded stoic DNA that forbids my body to move in any kind of fluid or rhythmic way. I can move in a comedic way, that's about it. In fact, I can barely bob my head to a punk band that is how fucked up I am. So, for the rest of you check out this amazing event co-sponsored by LA Record. If I can muster the courage I might even attend. If you see a frightened looking bald man in the corner with eyes has large as saucers then come over and pull me to the dance floor as I need to get over my condition.
(press release)

September 25 at Los Globos, FEVER Party #7
THIS MONTH'S FEVER welcomes guest DJ from Ghana BBRAVE. We've got SUZANNE KRAFT performing live music from his new album (out that very day!). And one of our favorite multi-talented artists, Butchy Fuego will deliver a set as SAN GABRIEL. The dance floor will be filled with tropical otherworldly sounds.

San Gabriel is the new forward-thinking beat project from the multi-instrumentalist/producer Butchy Fuego. Full of warped and pulsing pan-global club music; a signature marriage of tropical riddims, dubbed out soundscapes, and modern R&B minimalism. Striking the perfect balance of booming bass and tricky rhythms, his debut album VOLFE makes for some serious sideways heat.

dip into this world traveler's music dish:
BBRAVE is an ambassador of club music made in Africa. His roots are in Paris and Los Angeles but his heart lays somewhere between Angola and Ghana. He has been sharing this African heat for four years now, taking his blend of Akwaaba music to countless clubs and events all over the world. BBRAVE aka Benjamin Lebrave, is founder and owner of Akwaaba Music. Establish in 2008, the label is an outlet for BBRAVE's endless passion for Africa music, working with over 70 recording artists from 15 African nations. As a DJ, BBRAVE focuses on the dance floor side of things, mashing together the staggering variety of dance music genres made in Africa, from kuduro to coupe decal, kwaito, and kwassa house to hipline, gbema or soukous. BBRAVE's relentless quest for sounds from Africa drive his eclectic, oftentimes unpredictable sets.

how about some frenetic sunshine ecstasy: watch?v=ueRVOTr1zbE
Suzanne Kraft cultivates sunsoaked boogie and grow house chuggers in the West Coast garden of earthly delights. A bubbling Dublab alumn, Lil Suzie unleashed the lauded Green Flash EP on Running Back a year ago now, stamping a crisp signature on wax platters with addictive vocal snips and slow release pill-wave.
Sept 25. 10pm-2am
Los Globos. 3040 West Sunset Boulevard
$3 cover

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