Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nature's Son- Intermission EP- A Garage Pysch Rock Onion

Nature's Son- Intermission EP is like a freaking garage psych onion that when peeled reveals the trippy guts of 60's / early 70's psychedelic / experimental bands like Afterglow, Elephants Memory, and Eyes of Blue and even adds post punk flavors especially on track 3: Why Do You Cry For? that made me think of late 70's / early 80's art punk. Track1: Don't You Understand is a garage rock shimmy shaking party built around a Farfisa organ sound. The narcotic sounding vocals and lead licks are pretty sweet. The song is a constant build up and makes a great soundtrack to dance to (with your beer in hand). Track 2: The Haunt is a short quick instrumental that dramatically implodes with descending chords. Surprisingly, track 4 is a cover of the Gories Thunderbird ESQ or might I say a re-imagining of it. I think Mick Collins will be happy with the result. While it starts true to the spartan garage blues punk of the original, Nature's Son kicks up the tempo and fills it out with more energetic lead guitar work, a sonic wash of  vocals and a jamming harmonica. I actually like this just as much as the original version. Is that bad to say? Enough reviewing, I am going to get my beer and put on "Don't You Understand" in replay mode for about a half hour.
Robb Donker

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