Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wake Island - It Takes Time EP- Artfully Edgy Progressive Indie Rock

Wake Island are 4 musicians from Lebanon,Canada and the United States and currently based out of Montreal. Their current EP It Takes Time is a moody feast of progressive indie rock with dashes of art rock thrown in for good measure. The first track- I Like It is full of 90 ish dynamic rock progs and sultry tempo changes. The vocal delivery is a bit of a Michael Hutchence and Jim Morrison blend. Go feels more strident in it's approach and moves like an action movie. The synth hook and heavy guitar ryhthmn pulls you into the beat. The organ lines and wild abandon has the feel of early 80's new wave. Use It As A Weapon could be the theme of a Bond movie. Twelve More is full of drama and has an epic and discordant feel at the same time. Probably the most cinematic feeling song on the EP, it grabs you by the shirt collar and then lets you go as it becomes quite introspective. The ethereal sounds and dreamy rhythms make you feel like you are floating through space. I really love the vocal melody that soars on the guitar bed and drum beats.

Wake Islands - It Take Time EP feels as cozily familiar as it does fresh and new. The progressive, yet hooky, indie pop rock rides a wave that harkins back to 80's and 90's new wave indie rock /pop stalwarts. I can feel the ghosts of early Radiohead, early Muse, INXS, Duran Duran and the Cult. The end result is trippy, beautiful and artfully edgy.

Robb Donker

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