Thursday, October 11, 2012

Your Ugly Sister- a taste of Slaves

Laguna Beach (CA) has two really sweet things. A spectacular basketball court right on the beach and Your Ugly Sister. The 3 piece garage rockers are working on their next full length album entitled Slaves and have given all of us a little taste of the upcoming single. Look out for a record / cassette release with Lolipop records soon.

The title track Slaves is seriously fun. The production has a lot to hold your interest, a spartan guitar hook built on a tom tom beat that erupts into double time thick guitar hooks and sonically washed vocals. The psychedelic ebb and flow of the song never makes it dull. On the contrary, the sounds wash over you making you sway one moment and want to dance the next. The guitar lead break is bad ass. Slaves ultimately becomes hypnotic and could easily go on for twice as long as it does and still leave you wanting more.

Bloodlust Blues gets even more trippy. Your Ugly Sister wraps what is essentially a country blues rock progression in heavy doses of springy reverb and lo fi guitar goodness. The chorus with it's thick harmonious vocal wall cemented together with equally thick guitar sounds result in a hallucinatory treat that feels very much like something that could of been on Ty Segall's Goodbye Bread LP and I mean that as a total compliment.

Your Ugly Sister- Slaves
Your Ugly Sister- Bloodlust Blues

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