Friday, November 23, 2012

Album Review: The Creeping Ivies- STAY WILD- stays true.

The Creeping Ivies from Dundee, Scotland have a track on their upcoming LP Stay Wild called Rock N Roll Ghost. It is stripped down 50's rock and roll done up punk. Think Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, The Cramps, Patty Smith and X-Ray Spex all ground up to make this delicious punk sausage. Never mind the fucking worse analogy I have ever commited to print (I am going on too many hours without any sleep)- The Creeping Ivies are super cool and fun to boot. The Ghost Train video (from their previous EP) is dripping with it (cool that is) and Becca Bomb not only can belt out her vocal chops (complete with punk Ono yelps), and play a mean surf punk guitar- she is easy on the eyes. Actually Duncan Destruction is nice to look at as well.

While Rock N Roll Ghost is one of my favorite tracks on Stay Wild (I don't know why, it just speaks to me) all the songs possess a sort of punk purity. I like the fact that The Creeping Ivies kept it simple, didn't seem to do any over-dubs or add a guest bass player. Quite the contrary, it is the kind of balls out garage punk rock that could very well exist in 1978 at CBGB's. The tones, overall sound, the fact that the guitar is pulled back in favor of Becca's vox makes this record sound super retro. Songs like Buzzbomb and Madhouse Blues keep the punk progs simple but driving as hell. Spinning and the Ramones like Bop Like That feel like spazzy punk sock hop songs. The World (my favorite track) feels a bit more expansive than the rest, like a tortured anthemic love or anti-love song. The final title track Stay Wild is totally infectious, especially the chorus that has this beautifully rad break (that oddly enough makes me think of the more punk pop sound of King Tuff).

So glad I found the Creeping Ivies and so sad that they are so far away. I would love to see them live. Are you listening Becca and Duncan??? Please get your asses over here to the states real soon!

Robb Donker

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