Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twin Steps- Punk, 50's Croon, 60's Soul in a Blender

Meet Drew, Nick and Jonathan- collectively known as Twin Steps (bassist Brian Hobson has been added since the segment was shot) . Their sample based sound has flavors of post punk, retro 50's / 60's swoon croon tear jerkers, and 60's /70's soul that makes you want to sway, rock out and even slow dance in your socks. Besides the interesting blendo music they make, they really like to connect with their audience at live shows. Looking forward to seeing them live. They are based out of Oakland but a little birdie told me that they might be doing some shows here locally (in So Cal) so I will be sure and keep you updated on that!

The Re-Arranger is a tasty blend of R and B, Doo-wop, and post punk- I even hear this kind of glam thing happening way down below like an undercurrent of Bowieness swimming below the Midnighter-ish soul.
I like this a lot.

Twin Steps Bandcamp Twin Steps Facebook

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