Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cassette Release: Rebel Kind - Some Things Were Just Meant To Change

Drummers have a lot to say. This is a true statement. Autumn Wetli,drummer and singer for Ann Arbor, Michigan band Bad Indians is no exception. She has released a collection of 9 songs available on cassette under the moniker Rebel Kind. Recorded (quite well I might add) by band mate Jules Nehring, it is an oftentimes breezy easy lo-fi listen shifting between indie pop punchy songs like On the Farm and Baby, Baby, Baby and soft, darkly edgy acoustic fronted compositions like Billy Spoke His Mind (a kind of late 60's psychedelic ballad),  A Letter (with it's embraceable tempo and tone) and Some Things Were Just Meant To Change (which can send a chill down your spine with an almost morbidly sad melody).

Best Friend and My Baby Is Dead To Me reminds me of something that might be on The Babies 'Our House on the Hill' album. Family's Out To Get You feels like a song tugged in many directions or like a daytime nightmare and the last track, All I've Got with it's bright jangly strained guitar and fog shrouded vocals is drenched in a feeling of being lost. It also feels a bit like a song yet not fully realized but if this is the case, I have no problem with hearing songs in embryo, in fact, I love it.

If Autumn Wetli's (Rebel Kind's) debut Some Things Were Just Meant to Change is any indication of things to come then I am patiently looking forward to future projects.
Robb Donker

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