Monday, March 4, 2013

Video: Miami Zombie by Wide Streets - Music on Bath Salts

Wide Streets' Miami Zombie from the upcoming album "Saga of the Bruja" is an art punk jigsaw puzzle of a song with tight angular bursts of drums and guitars, spicy leads and Jet Elfman's cool vocals that (on this track) reminds me of an angry Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse). I absolutely love the jammy nature of this song BUT hate how short it is. Yes, it is like a tasty dinner that a mean waitress pulls away before you finish gorging yourself. The video as directed by Grant White (shot in all the lo quality of a 1970's snuff film) is bathed in kool aid colors and plays like a surreal bath salts horror movie. I want more and will just have to play Miami Zombies over and over again.
Robb Donker

Wide Streets is Tabor Allen on drums, Danny Miller on Guitar, Jet Elfman on vocals and guitar, and Chris Nowak on Bass.
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