Friday, April 12, 2013

AP Friday FIVE FAV Fvideos: Beach House, Feeding People, Prince Ness, Swim and More.

Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys, dogs and cats (both domesticated and feral) ..Once again, it is time for American Pancakes Friday Five Favorite Fuh Videos! Since AP is first and foremost about music, they will, by and large, be music videos (but not always). Click on the titles to play them at their source (that way you can enlarge- customize your HD preferences yada yada). Enjoy!!

1. Beach House - "Wishes" - Directed by Eric Wareheim

Ray Wise's striking countenance will always have a bit of the creep factor because of his spot on schizophrenic performance on Twin Peaks. Yeah, you remember. He played Leland Palmer, Laura Palmers grieving and possibly possessed father. In the Beach House "Wishes" video he has the voice of an angel as he presides over a strangely surreal half time show. Directed in perfectly twisted slow motion by Eric Wareheim of the comedy duo Tim and Eric it sparkles and shines. Add this amazing and haunting song and everyone in this stadium seems more like cult heads than simple sports fans.

2. Prince Ness - Grungy Doll directed by Johnny Le
By the end of this video, YOU will be singing "My little grungy doll in your overalls" and be captivated by the single minded lo fi quirky mind of Prince Ness. With a bass line that at least is partially reminiscent of The Crystals "Then He Kissed Me"- Grungy Doll sways like a slow dance in your socks as Prince Ness articulates in a monotone way all kinds of thoughts from race relations to personal relations in a matter of fact way. It can sound off the cuff but also sound punkly poetic. Charming and askew. Remember when Jeff Goldbloom got into that contraption with the Fly and became Brundlefly? Well if the Shirelles and Wall of Vodoo entered that DNA blending machine the result may sound like Prince Ness.

3. Swim - "Creeper"directed by Josh Lawson

Directed with an kind of stoic eeriness by Josh Lawson, "Creeper" by Swim uses the stark contrast of black and white imagery effectively. The electronic indie pop is just as stark and can feel slightly detached but totally danceable. It is cooly mid 80's, lush and spartan at the same time. The vocal performance is pure and wonderful.

4. Feeding People - "Big Mother" directed by Dick Thompson

After gleefully reviewing the video for Feeding People's little cinematic masterpiece "Island Universe"
back in September, it was encouraging to see Dick Thompson back in the directors chair. He always brings a well crafted story tellers hand to the way he frames and edits his shots plus both videos have a dark, slightly perverse side which makes me wonder what is dwelling inside Mr. Thompson's head (or basement). Ashley Tolman (who plays Big Mother) has an absolutely naughty smile befitting 70's grind house or soft porn. She oozes humor and sexiness at the same time as the powerful down beats of Feeding People's Big Mother rocks away.

5. Knocky Nine Doors (Hey Today!- 83 (Original Mix)) (Unofficial) 

What the fuck?? I am not sure what I just saw but the two chaps who open and close this really weird video raise it above the mere WTF category with their solid comedic acting chops and, besides, where else can you see dolphin boobs.

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