Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Five Fav Fvideos- The Flaming Lips and Bon Iver, Polly Scattergood, The Lovely Bad Things, Magnificent Muttley, Conan O'Brien / Chelsea Handler Shower Fight

Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys, dogs and cats (both domesticated and feral) .. it is time for American Pancakes Friday Five Favorite Fuh Videos! This is a new feature and since AP is first and foremost about music, they will, by and large, be music videos (but not always).  Click on the titles to play them at their source (that way you can enlarge- customize your HD preferences yada yada). Enjoy!!

1. The Flaming Lips and Bon Iver- Ashes in the Air 
This strangely engaging video is produced by Delo Creative which was created just to serve the creative needs of The Flaming Lips. Like many of their videos it has it's visual effects, nudity and overall mind slapping attitude. It also gets rather garish featuring bloody scenes that seem almost Biblical in nature. All this and a spaceman carrying a baby with a man's face to a dreadful conclusion. The song "Ashes in the Air" is the Flaming Lips collab with Bon Iver from the collab album "The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends."

2. Poly Scattergood- Wanderlust

The heavy lush and sensual synth riff that opens Polly Scattergood's Wanderlust instantly grabs you by the shirt collar or even the belt of your trousers it is so damn sexy really. Polly's come hither vocals add another layer and the darkly seductive track embeds in your head. The video starts with a lo fi video of a girl moving through choreographed paces and the entire video is of that same girl (or is it?) running through variations of those moves as different people and props change along the way all the while two super cool dudes are dancing in time their out stretched arms at the same height each time as the girl ducks beneath them. In the foreground there is the ever present Polly Scattergood like a sexy librarian singing in front of a hypnotic swirling pinwheel.

3. The Lovely Bad Things - Fried Eyes

The video for Fried Eyes as directed by Cassandra Lee Hamilton makes you long for the days when you sneaked out of your parents house into the blackness of the night to do something totally impetuous and even foolish just because you wanted to. Edited with bouncy abandon, the scenes of a past midnight race between The Lovely Bad Things on crazily adorned old folks scooters is silly and fun. You have to view this video multiple times to see some of the wacky going's on in the background (and sometimes foreground). I count at least 5 homages to iconic movies and or characters but I don't want to be a spoiler! The imagery will get under you skin just like the infectious song that is off their debut full length album "The Late Great Whatever".

4. Magnificent Muttley - Stains

Playing like a movie, this video for Magnificent Muttley's "Stains" as written and directed by award winning Polish film maker Marcin Starzecki is haunting and may turn you into a vegetarian. Karolina Peichota plays a woman all alone in a house in the woods. Her vacant stares into fires, her unconventional beauty and her way with an axe may stay in your mind and dreams for awhile. The heavy rocking bass line and down tempo guitar strains that Magnificent Muttley lays down only enhance the bloodletting.

5. Conan O' Brien and Chelsea Handler Nude Shower Fight!

Ok, I told you all the videos wouldn't be music videos and besides, how could I not include this weirdly funny bit involving Chelsea and Conan! In two days this video has garnered close to 1.5 million views. The allure is not only the nudity with blur outs in all the right places it is the comedic barbs between the two as well as a good ole dick slapping. Besides being damn funny and over the top, the internet is a buzz over Conan's six pack, no special effects, the dude known for his lanky frames is built! Chelsea is not so bad herself!

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