Monday, April 29, 2013

Week of Wonders- West Coast Tour Dates!! --

Late last year, we reviewed the album "Restraint" by Seattle Washington post punk pop threesome Orca Team. The much loved band broke up and it came to our attention back in January that front man Leif Anders had formed another band called "Week of Wonders" trading his fluid bass work for solid guitar lines that can be trancy and translucent one minute and erupt into bright bursts of sound the next. "Week of Wonders" calls what they do "tropical punk" and there are a fair share of Caribbean and South American rhythms but the punk pop (imbued with a late 60's aesthetic) is still there all rolled up into a potent and dancey sound.

They are heading on tour in May and luckily for us So Cal residents, they are snaking their way down to LA.
Check out their Bandcamp, some videos and go see them in a town near you!

Tour Dates:

05/01: Seattle, WA - CHOP SUEY with Bleached and Ex-Cops.

05/02: Olympia, WA - THE NORTHERN with Nancy Drew Margy Pepper, and Get Mom.

05/03: Bend, OR - THE HORNED HAND with All You All and The Kronk Men.

05/04: Reno, NV - THE HOLLAND PROJECT with Cat Jelly and Jazz Children.

05/05: Davis, CA - (6pm) KDVS FM Live In Studio.

05/05: Davis, CA - DAVIS BIKE COLLECTIVE with Sneeze Attack and Arts & Leisure.

05/07: Los Angeles, CA - LOT 1 with Dark Seas and TBA.

05/08: Riverside, CA - BACK TO THE GRIND with Summer Twins and No Paws.

05/09: Tucson, AZ - THE DISTRICT TAVERN with Best Dog Award, Womb Tomb, and Secret Highway Secrets.

05/10: Phoenix, AZ - LONG WONGS with Playboy Manbaby, Diners, and Skinny Shamans.

05/11: Prescott, AZ - LIZZIE'S HOUSE OF AXES with TBA.

05/12: San Diego, CA - (6pm) BAR ELEVEN.

05/12: La Jolla, CA - THE CHE CAFE with Mittens and The Llamadors.

05/13: Orange County, CA - BURGER RECORDS with The Vivids and The Dead Ships.

05/14: Sacramento, CA - BOWS + ARROWS with Pure Bliss and Dog Party.

05/15: San Jose, CA - THE BLANK CLUB with TBA.

05/16: San Francisco, CA - THE HEMLOCK with Fronds, Jollapin Jasper, and Burnt Ones.

05/17: Oakland, CA - THE NIGHT LIGHT with Pure Bliss, Pink Slime, and Mean Streets.

05/18: Eureka, CA - PLACEBO SPACE with Blanket Ghosts and Tabor Mountain.

05/18: Eureka, CA - 511 with Lost Luvs.

05/19: Eugene, OR - THE WANDERING GOAT with The Groundblooms.

05/20: Portland, OR - ROTTURE with Stay Calm, WL, and Surf Drugs.

05/21: Tacoma, WA - THE DEN with Shogun Barbie and Si Si Si.

05/22: Seattle, WA - THE SUNSET with Charms and Animal Eyes.

05/23: Spokane, WA - BABY BAR with Garlands and TBA.


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