Saturday, July 13, 2013

AP Opinion: An Open Letter To George Zimmerman

An OPEN LETTER to George Zimmerman:

Mr. Zimmerman, having just been granted a Not Guilty verdict, you have, sir, just dodged a bullet. Trayvon Martin unfortunately was not that lucky. I can tell you that I am not surprised that the jurors acquitted you of all charges. The Prosecution's case was presented poorly. I obviously was not privy to all the arguments  presented to the jurors and I was not there to witness what occurred between you and Trevor Martin. Of what I know from various news accounts, in my heart I feel you should of been charged and convicted with manslaughter but ultimately what I think is not important. You have been granted an amazing gift, a get out of jail free card. So now what? What are you going to do with the rest of you life? I have three suggestions that might make your life (and ours) better. 

First of all, put your gun away. Store it away and forget that you own it. I don't know if you were bullied as a child or if you normally feel frightened in the course of a typical day but I do know that the gun you possess was key in all the poor decisions you made on the night of February 26th, 2012. When the police dispatcher told you that is was unnecessary to keep tailing Trayvon I firmly believe that you would of not stepped out of your vehicle if you were not armed. And if you would of not stepped out of your vehicle, Trayvon Martin would of made his way back to his destination. You would of met with the police officer who was sent out to investigate. He may or may of not encountered Trayvon but either way the outcome would of been starkly different. No confrontation, no death, no trial.

Next, get your ass back in Kokopelli's gym and take your MMA training seriously this time. If you do, you will reap huge rewards. You will get down to your "fighting weight"- you will gain tremendous confidence and inner strength. You will be able to handle yourself in confrontations. You will become part of the MMA family and in so doing your world view might just change for the better. You will no longer have that victim mentality, no longer feel frightened and paranoid. And no longer feel the need to carry a gun on your person. I am sure you will make many new friends as well. You will be part of a community.

And thirdly, Mr. Zimmerman, I implore you to NOT go into law enforcement. It is not meant for you. This nation unfortunately has too many police officers on our street or train stations who have shot innocent people because deep down inside they are frightened or because they have substituted first class police work with ill advised profiling. We do not need another one.

Robb Donker - AP Editorial

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