Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Punk In The Trunk Bootlegs Vol 1 - Live compilation - FREE DNLD

New record label- Punk In The Trunk is offering a FREE digital dnld of their first pending CD release entitled: PUNK in the TRUNK Bootlegs Vol 1 and the name is an apt one because like bootlegs the performances were captured via your basic hand held recorder. In this case a Zoom H2N Digital recorder. YES, it is rough around the edges but it is a PUNK compilation after all. I used to use a Zoom Q3 to record stereo audio  and ok video and I can tell you that these little machines kick ass. In fact, some of these recordings are surprisingly well rendered. Recorded at the famed Burger Records in Fullerton, California it features bands and one lone stand up comic. I have always liked live recording whether it be a boom box in the corner on cassette back in the day or a sweet little digital unit. It is like eavesdropping, it is raw, real, a slice of life.

Everything on this album is worth checking out. My particular favs are Heller Keller doing XXXistential and Cereal Killer, Traps PS doing To the Heart and Tradition, Great Ghosts doing Bedwritten (which kind of sounds like a Punk Moses Campbell) and Cool Talk, Suzy's Dead doing Fuck July and Graphic Garrett, the lone stand up comic has some interesting and funny observations though he is not graphic at all.

Once again, this is a free download or "name your price" so dig in your pockets and give something if you can.

Robb Donker

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