Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week of Wonders - 7" Piggybacks Release in NYC- and Video Release

Late last year, we reviewed the album "Restraint" by post punk pop threesome Orca Team. The much loved band broke up and it came to our attention (back in January) that front man Leif Anders had formed another band called "Week of Wonders" trading his fluid bass work for solid guitar lines that can be trancy and translucent one minute and erupt into bright bursts of sound the next. "Week of Wonders" create sounds with a fair amount of Caribbean and South American rhythms but the punk pop (imbued with a late 60's aesthetic) is there all rolled up into a potent and dancey sound. In some of their press material Week of Wonders say they are making music and "dubbing it as Tropical Punk" and despite the fact that the genre (or description thereof) has been around for years (it was one of the common terms used to describe CA locals Abe Vigoda's sound in 2009) it definitely feels like an apt one for these Seattleites.

This coming week- Week of Wonders are having their debut 7" Piggybacks release in NYC.
Check out their video for Piggybacks:

Piggybacks dances with Leif Anders bouncy vocal melody. At times he sort of reminds of Morrissey a tiny bit or maybe more like a glammy Morrissey on copious amounts of Redbull. I absolutely love the lead break, solid shuffle beat and Carribean rhythms. This song just cooks.
Robb Donker

Dates in NYC

July 8th: THE MERCURY LOUNGE with Chalk & Numbers and Pale Lights.
July 9th: DEATH BY AUDIO with Flown, Shark? and Hippy. 
July 10th: THE CAKE SHOP with The Hairs and The Scarfs. 


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