Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Medicine's first album in nearly 20 years, To the Happy Few, is out today!

The wait is finally over, Medicine's first album in nearly 20 years, To the Happy Few, is out today! 
A band that has been lauded by fans and fellow musicians alike, this is a celebrated return of the original members; Brad Laner, Beth Thompson and Jim Goodall. 
"Medicine is one of the most underrated bands from the 90's and remains also one of my favorite Shoegaze bands. They represent everything I love in music. Distorted and bendy guitar riffs mixed with beautiful airy vocal melodies. I am so excited for their comeback"  
Anthony Gonzalez, M83
"I've been a Medicine fan for a long long time...It's great to have Medicine back again!" 
Dan Snaith, Caribou
The trio will also be playing two special show, their first in just as many years as their last record! August 11th they will play The Echo in Los Angeles and on the 16th they will take the stage at Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

You can also watch thew new video for "It's Not Enough" on Brooklyn Vegan, who are also giving away two tickets to the Music Hall show. Check it out! 
To the Happy Few can be purchased now via the Captured Tracks - special edition orange vinyl is available to the first 300. Click here to buy!

To The Happy Few Tracklisting

1. Long As The Sun
2. It’s Not Enough
3. Burn It
4. Holy Crimes
5. The End Of The Line
6. Butterfly’s Out Tonight
7. All You Need To Know
8. Find Me Always
9. Pull The Trigger
10. Daylight
Eighteen years after they called it quits as a working band, 2013 finds the original members of Medicine reunited and proudly offering a newly recorded LP on Captured Tracks. To The Happy Few is the sound of a highly inspired group reclaiming its creative legacy, thoroughly immersed in the practice of mixing harsh noise with obsessive melodic detail and heavily groovy rocking. Returning is the core trio of lead singer/ chanteuse Beth Thompson, guitarist / vocalist Brad Laner, and drummer Jim Goodall, the same team which created the still vital, influential and controversial LPs "Shot Forth Self Living" (1992) , "The Buried Life" (1993) and "Her Highness" (1995) as well as a stand-out appearance in the 1994 film "The Crow".

As it happens, it's really all the fault of Captured Tracks. In 2012 C/T pulled off the seemingly impossible and secured the rights to reissue the aforementioned two original Medicine LPs in loving and expanded fashion. This was a rather emotional moment for the original band members. So much so that upon meeting up at Brad's home studio in May 2012 for the first time since 1995 in order to divide up the vinyl goodies and ultra-limited box sets, the trio laid down the basic track for what became the final song on the new LP. Emboldened by the natural ease with which they slipped back into Medicine mode, the trio spent the remainder of the year leisurely recording the new LP and enjoying each other's company far removed from the stress and turmoil of their original early 90's run. The resulting LP is not your parent's Shoegaze record. The sonic palette and the hands, feet and mouths that utilize it may be the same,  but the end result more subtly reflects the amassed life experiences and refined aesthetics of three mature artists only just now approaching the peak of their powers.

The members of Medicine stayed quite busy with music in the interim between 1995 and 2012: Jim Goodall recorded and toured with his legendary evil country western band Jon Wayne which had its first LP reissued by Jack White's Third Man label. He also toured as a member of UK noise gods Whitehouse and recorded with Current 93. Beth Thompson made a collaborative album as The Shway and performed with The Furry Things. Brad Laner has released a bunch of solo and collaborative LPs under various names and recorded with the likes of Brian Eno, M83, Caribou and Blinker The Star.

To The Happy Few sees release August 6th.

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