Friday, August 16, 2013

Video Premiere: Weird Womb's "Pale Piss" on CMJ

CMJ Premieres the new video for
Weird Womb's "Pale Piss" --
the first single from the band's
debut 7" Ruined By The 90's, out 8/21


"The less-than-luxurious location where the Brooklyn-based foursome filmed the video 'Pale Piss' is fitting. The track is grimy and thick-tongued, weighed down by drunk guitars and Dakota Pollock’s phlegmy growl."

8/21 | Cake Shop - 7" Release Show
| with The Dardys, Dutch Bats

8/31 | The Studio at Webster Hall
| with Young Adults, Pile, Big Ups

"'Pale Piss' is a grimy rush of garage rock indebted to a couple of teen (anti-)idols: Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the Replacements."

“These guys don’t waste any time. Make it concise. Make it tight. And make it loud. Get in. Do it. Get out."

"Their music rings of the careless trash bashing rock of the early 80′s. The pearl of punk, when it was forming in New York City’s downtown shell. It’s noise from boredom, but it isn’t put on like many of the other rock acts today. It doesn’t sound lethargic, but frenetic."

Weird Womb are four misfit childhood friends from Tucson. They straddle a fine line musically between garage punk and frenetic high energy rock n' roll, proudly displaying a lineage as much influenced by the Voidoids as the Replacements.
Charismatic front man Dakota Pollock injects a chaotic element to an otherwise very tight and organized band. Intelligent, though self-deprecating lyrically, Pollock's sneering delivery possesses an anthemic quality that distinguishes the band from many of their contemporaries.
Ruined by the 90's is the perfect supercharged introduction to this exciting young band. Pick up a copy of the record and catch them live at Cake Shop on Wednesday 8/21 & Saturday 8/31 at Webster Hall (Studio) with Young Adults, Pile, and Big Ups.

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