Saturday, October 26, 2013

AP Interview: Heyward Howkins on "Be Frank, Furness"- English as a Second Language and Musical DNA

As a person who occasionally plays the part of a music reviewer it is always nice to pick the brains of artists whose music is engaging to me and doubly nice when that artist turns out to be a nice guy. Such is the case of Philadelphia's Heyward Howkins who I had the pleasure of interviewing by phone on Oct. 19th 2013. Heyward's album "The Hale and Hearty" was one of the most original records of 2012. On that album, Heyward's style blended soft handed musical cues from southern blues to glammy pop to ragtime to indie folk. His current album "Be Frank, Furness" again hangs his obtuse poetry on that same blend of styles. Both albums are brilliant in their own way, the latter might be a tad more mainstream. Check out the interview.
Robb Donker

You can read my review of The Hale& Hearty here
And Be Frank, Furness here

Heyward Howkins Bandcamp

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