Friday, November 29, 2013

Kim Stattuck's "Pixies Days" are Officially Over- Will Kim Deal Re-Join? Will The Pixies be "Whole" Again?

Kim Stattuck has gracefully accepted the news that her time with the Pixies is ending after only about 3 months. I had a feeling this was going to happen.

About 5 days ago I heard a Tom Baker interview with Black Francis, David Lovering and Joey Santiago about the Pixies headlining Field Day next June 2014 and Black Francis did say that they would be in London on June 10th to celebrate Kim Deal's and Joey's Birthday. It was a kind of off the cuff, matter of fact statement that didn't raise any question with Tom Baker but if I would of been the interviewer I would of chimed in on this bit of information. In the least, it meant that things were pretty hunky dory between Black Francis and Kim but it also gave me that in the gut feeling that Kim Deal was coming back to the Pixies. This was not exactly a psychic feeling, I mean in mid October there were rumors that it might, it could happen.... that the Pixies had left the door wide open for her to come back. To me, it felt like more of an invitation than a public statement that there were no hard feelings.

I have always sensed that Black Francis while being a pragmatist is also very keenly aware of what feels right and what is right when it comes to the Pixies legacy. In interviews he had seemed reticent about doing songs like "Gigantic" because they were so identified with Kim Deal. If she does come back into the fray I can only imagine that there will be a certain sense of relief to be able to present the iconic songs as they should be. While Kim and Black Francis have clashed in the past I can imagine that they all will rally like a family. I mean family is family whether dysfunctional or not. I can only cross my fingers that Kim Deal will re-join and dive in fully as the Pixies are poised to continue to put out new music (most likely in the form of a few more EPs).
- Robb Donker

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  1. If you would "of" been the interviewer, you would "of" chimed in? What are you, on some work-release program? Jeez, dude, learn some English before I come up there and learn your lips with my frickin fists. You feel me, tough guy?