Friday, November 8, 2013

Track Review: "Ape" by Philadelphia based Mumblr

TRACK REVIEW: Mumblr- "Ape"

Philadelphia based Mumblr's "Ape" is the single off of their upcoming album entitled White Jesus / Black God. Starting like a punk emo song and sung with all the forlorn sadness of an after school special:
 "There's adults selling bones outside of my home and I think it's wrong but I believe I belong but not for too long because tht's when their kids come by... Now they're all getting stoned outside of my home and I think it's wrong but I can't leave it alone, oh leave em alone, I watch them run by, hiiiiiiiiii (high?)" - the song quickly descends into a shifty potent blend of punk and metal. It is balls out with the vocals attacking in this wonderfully cool head banging staccato delivery mirroring the guitar lines. Then the chorus ascends into a pretty lush prog rock feel that is Mars Volta-ish epic.

The twists and turns in this song all work and keep you guessing. Mumblr is able to shift tones, musical genres effortlessly making "Ape" feel like a dramatic prog post punk opera of sorts. This is my first introduction to this band and they have peaked my interest.
Robb Donker

On Fleeting Youth Records- Available on a Limited Edition Cassette

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