Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Track review: "Money Gone Drinking" by Whiskey Bitches (from the Wasted Single)

Calling Brooklyn their stomping grounds, Whiskey Bitches are Emily Madge (vocals and guitar), Kate Black (bass) and various awesome friends on the drums including Laura Jordan, Lora-Faye and Alicia Angeles. When I first pushed play on their song "Money Gone Drinking" I thought of Bikini Kill and oddly enough, Fidlar's Cheap Beer. Bikini Kill because the attitude felt the same at first though deeper in, Whiskey Bitches feels more hardcore. And why did I think of Fidlar?? I guess because both songs "Cheap Beer" and "Money Gone Drinking" feel like punk odes to lost weekends. Sonically, Whiskey Bitches ode beats Fidlar's to a bloody pulp. The girls just sound so fucking bad ass. Madge spits out the words with a bitchy flair and the shifty drum breaks are killer. So kick back, open a brew in the safe confines of your abode, crank up your computer speakers or headphones and push play.
Robb Donker

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