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2013 has been a great year for music. The "Best Of" list you are about to view is focused on genre's of music that appeals to our staff. The criteria to be on the list is simple: do we love the collection of music and does the music stick? Are we coming back to it repeatedly, is it engaging, different and ultimately music we will cherish over time. Enjoy the list and if there is a particular artist or band that you are not familiar with, I hope you take time to check them out. Please NOTE that the albums are listed in no particular order of importance and the album titles contain links. Enjoy boys and girls of all ages!

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Saga of The Bruja-
by Wide Streets

"Saga of The Bruja" bristles with the raucous energy of progressive art punk that feels like it was distilled from some particularly potent musical incarnations spanning three decades. I can feel the art rock of 70's artists like Television and Talking Heads. the abstract musical dadaism of the Pixies, hyper blue collar fusion punk of the Minutemen (80's) and the frantic angst ridden post punk rock of Modest Mouse (90's) all condensed into a beautiful sound.

The Next Day
by David Bowie

David Bowie's The Next Day feels in some way like it is caught in a time machine. The production feels very much like 2002's Heathen album which was also produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti. The slick production and perfectly modulated mix is something, I am frankly, not used to as I have been up to my neck in garage and experimental rock as of late. When I was able to settle into it this album it grew on me quickly. The songs are solid. The track The Next Day has got art rock bones and enough religious iconography to be a Pixies song (are you listening Charles ?- cover this one on your tour). The album longs for by gone days, it sometimes feels like a tattered tear stained scrap book. Love Is Lost- is a super lush organ saturated slow burn and Bowie's vocals in the upper registers sound so damn classic. Where are We Now, an ode to Bowie's life transforming time in Berlin can make your eyes water. When you have time to contemplate your life- sit in the dark and listen to this album in it's entirety. It will be an event you cherish.

Harlem River
by Kevin Morby

The songs on Harlem River are steeped in a nostalgic bittersweet tea. Kevin Morby's ability to tap into such an earnest form of roots folk rock makes you look back at your own life and memories whether they are happy or painful. Whether it is the somber "Wild Side" or the beautifully sweet plaintive slow dance of "Slow Train"- the shifty blaming walk of "Harlem River" - or the trans-formative wanderlust of "Miles, Miles, Miles", Morby speaks to me, move me. His sad, tender vocals and dreamy songs sweep across you like scratched up super 8 movies and embrace you like friends or family who have since past on.

Floating Coffin
by Thee Oh Sees

When I first heard the languid super dirty bass line of Toe Cutter- Thumb Buster  that  shuffled along like Nick Gilder's Hot Child In The City I smiled so damn big that I nearly got a cramp in my face. The dynamics of the song sprinkled with sweet guitar leads was something to behold. When Dwyer yelps it feels like the sun coming out on a gloomy day. The feedback squeaks that give way to the full on Thee Oh Sees runaway train is still evident in songs like Strawberries 1+2 (whose tempo and tonal shifts are so great). The band shows a growing diversity on this album along with a really dark lyrical undercurrent. This is an album that I was torn over but kept coming back to and finally succumbed to it's distorted come on.

by Ty Segall

I fully admit to have a sonic love affair with Ty Segall for a long long time. Ty's different incarnations may have different inspirations, sound different and such but he always to manage to simply make very cool sounds. Sleeper is no exception. The title track casts imagery of 60's psychedelic hippies and war protests. Carried by acoustic guitar, strings and Segall's edgy vocal warble. It also sounds really British as Ty does. It perfectly casts what is going to follow. The dreamy drunk Keepers, snarky The Man Man, choppy attack of Come Outside and the wonderfully realized Lennon-esque She Don't Care. The entire album feels like a luscious sonic stupor with your drug of choice, even if that drug is just straight music.

The Late Great Whatever
by The Lovely Bad Things

Hear and Anywhere, the opening track on The Lovely Bad Things' album The Late Great Whatever, feels instantly like a grand garage rock opus as guitars swell until they wind into a tight power pop/ punk progression dancing between two time signatures. The vocal melody ends in odd spots. While the song has a musical chorus, there is really not a repeated vocal chorus. Two thirds in, the song musically breaks down (making moshing kids stop in their tracks) and then slowly it builds up again into a blistering sonic conclusion. This is not your standard punk / pop thing. Maybe that is why Kevin Bronson (from Buzzbands) has referred to The Lovely Bad Things sound as proto-punk. For the most part, the rest of the songs on The Late Great Whatever also make up their own rules making this album an exciting ride. Somehow most albums feel boring when played immediately after this one.

Chelsea Light Moving
by Chelsea Light Moving

Chelsea Light Moving - Burroughs has got some insanely tasty sounds that make you want to go a little nuts- run through downtown with exposed parts flailing in the wind. OK maybe not but as Thurston Moore wails out " hey Billy what are your last words... hey Billy who are the love birds... ah Billy the sweetest drug is free... will ya Billy shoot it into me..." with strident punk guitar that dips into half step hell and back this song make you remember when music was dangerous or that it still can be. It can still make Right Wing Conservatives weep and hide under their beds. Equally intoxicating is Groovy and Linda with it's off kilter dissonance that pulls you into a fucked up funk. The funny thing is that many bands who have adopted this sound (they shall remain nameless) suddenly feel like poseurs when you hear Thurston Moore do it so right.

by My Bloody Valentine

The sonic walls of sound at the hands of Kevin Shield's guitar laden tremolo caressed fingertips is nothing short of shoegazey brilliance. The tonal fluctuations, the bendy dissonance, the surprising half step guitar artistry turning progressions into melodies themselves apart from the buried melodic vocals and lead lines is what makes MBV so mesmerizing. Some people will not hear all this subtleties in the haze of guitar noise but it is there and can shift your mood in an instant and in surprising ways if you are open to it. The character inherent in any kind of music like this that relies on the haze it creates can almost feel like a droning devise that puts you in a different head space or can. It is kind of like listening to white noise to help you sleep. This record can put you in a different state of mind, transitory and dreamy. And all without drugs. Who would of thunk it??

by Teitur

Story by Teitur is an album that has to be enjoyed in the same way a hot cup of chocolate is when you are in a thoughtful state and your chills have more to do with questioning your life before or now or later. If you are in a hyperactive state or A.D.D is crushing your brain synapses this might not be the album for you but it really appeals to me. It is a respite from strident noises. You might even say that some of the songs on this album appeals to the child in me. Not because the songs themselves are childish but because they require the listener to want to swim in a sea of sweet naivety and we should all do this from time to time. 

Nothing is Real
by Crystal Antlers

NEWS FLASH: Crystal Antlers put out great records. Their first album, Tentacles rocked and held promise in Jonny Bell's rebel yells. The promise was fully realized in Two Way Mirror with it's dreamy askew rock that felt at once dark and brooding but uplifting at the same time. Now in Nothing is Real, the Long Beach, California rockers have coalesced all their dark dream psychedelia into something embracing so many musical textures from indie to experimental and everything in between. It is a heady mix of sounds that often times explode around you. Nothing is Real is just part of Crystal Antlers musical evolution. Like all great bands, each album takes you on a different journey. In my humble opinion this album eclipses what came before.

Pure Heroine
by Lorde

As most people may know, Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor  aka Lorde is a 17 year old singer songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand. She was signed to a label when she was only 12 but instead of embarking on musical projects, those consulting her honed this young woman's craft and vocal performance and it shows. She has the the writing and performing chops of one much older (and wiser). The songs on Pure Heroine are as haunting as they are pop catchy borrowing more musically from rap than anything else. The focus is on her rhythmic sung rhymes and captivating voice. Underneath this sound or maybe hovering above it is the lyrical content that can be snide, a bit vulgar, obtuse, brilliantly insightful and thoroughly quotable. One of the most impactful and original albums of 2013. Best songs on the album- Tennis Court, Ribs, Glory and Gore, White Teeth Teens, 400 Lux, and Royals.

Like Clockwork
by Queens of the Stone Age

AP: When you say Queens Of The Stone Age your face wants to say Queens of the muther fucking Stone Age because they are just so incredibly bad ass. Besides the incredibly catchy material on this album it feels like the band has musically matured. Josh Michael Homme III is one dreamy son of a bitch and "Like Clockwork" feel like a fractured fairy tale. On this record Queens of the Stone Age make machismo rock feel so damn elegant. This is going to be considered a classic someday.

by the Water Liars

AP:Water Liars- duo of singer-guitarist Justin Kunkel-Schuster and drummer-vocalist Andrew Bryant speaks to me. I love the vocals, love the spartan sound, the voids in the songs the make you look in the mirror. The somber truth contained in some of their songs, held up by enchanting harmonies kind of just slaps you across the face. Fake Heat feels as honest as a intervention and Cut A Line's subtext (or not) belies the sock hop swooner like sound. Wyoming is a great album- 

Butter Knife
by Audacity

From the downbeat of the first track, Couldn't Hold A Candle, Audacity give you an full dose injection of unbridled youth complete with a bruised body and heart. Every song is sonically dense but can chill out at a moments notice before descending back into a full throttle attack. There are also moments of punk pop dreaminess like the track Cold Rush that has a dash of unrequited love buried deep into the track and Rooster, a song that starts out like a slow painful memory and then interrupts in a cranking angry one. Pick Slide and Onomatopoeia have the choppy punk strains and bouncy vocal determination of late 70's Brit punk. Watered Down and Crying in The Limelight feels a bit like pre-adolesent Audacity.  Autumn is a total surprise, steeped in a mid-rangy ringing piano and guitar it is a sad solitary ballad for 2 full minutes until the full band kicks in for the outro. Hole in the Sky, one of my favs on the album is Audacity at their best, the rhythm guitar alone makes you dance.

Hung at Heart
by the Growlers

AP: As much as I have enjoyed The Growlers over the years at live shows I always just thought of their music as a vehicle to become punch drunk and dance with wild abandon. Hung at Heart has clearly changed my thinking. This album can induce chills. This album pushes it's poetry more than any of their previous works. The lyrics for the most part run deeply emotional and romantic. It is vagabond punk / beach goth full of inner reflections, honest questions about foolish youth and growing up. I love this album. I also love the fact that The Growlers took the production reins away from The Black Keys Dan Auerbach. It takes a strong sense of oneself to not get caught up in that kind of thing. Mr. Auerbach already seems to have cut the cajones out of Hanni El Khatib's music so I am thankful this did not happen to my Growlers.

by The Merry Rounders

Imagine coming across an old box of weathered Albums and 45's circa 1952 to 57 in a vacant lot in Lubbock Texas. Perusing through the records, some as warped as a roller coaster, you find one that is straight as an arrow. The cover says "The Merry Rounders" and has psychedelic cowboys and cowgirls who have gold sprinkled stars for eyes. It beckons to be played. You find your way to your friend Rusty's house because he has vintage 1959 Sears and Roebuck Silvertone portable record player that also beckons to be played. As the needle drops down on "The Merry Rounder's" first track it wobbles as drunkenly as the western guitar lines on How I Knew. The song has a solid groove with a shimmy shake groove that would make Buddy Holly smile, a country meets Motown walking bass line, and slightly canned vocals with a tiny twinge of  Brooks Nielsen.

I don't reside in Lubbock Texas and don't have a friend named Rusty, it's just that this newly discovered EP entitled "Cowgirls" (by the way) entertains so fully as to whisk yourself away to another place. These songs recorded on a Yamaha MT-400 cassette recorder feel wonderfully organic like they were recorded live with a few microphone hanging from the rafters. I want very much to hear these songs live played in a backyard or in a crowded house

Trouble Will Find Me
by The National

Mission Bulb
by Yes I'm Leaving

Slow Dance In The Cosmos
by Porches

When you listen to "Slow Dance In The Cosmos" by Porches in it's entirety it feels like a transformative experience. The songs that often feel like constant builds of sound, sweeping organs, sustaining guitars and vocals are moving even though the lyrics can feel like a jig saw puzzle with 20 percent of the puzzle pieces missing. They are decidedly obtuse but within their abstract poetry lie some beautifully wrought passages. There are enough to keep you emotionally satiated. In Permanent Loan, Aaron Maine sings, "How come I never see it coming? I am the meat on the fruit pit clinging flung into a black black moon." The vocal melody amidst powerful crashing waves of sound is passionate and makes you feel conflicted and sad even though the lyrics only serve as vague clues. In this way, the songs on "Slow Dance In The Cosmos" are like a musical Rorschach tests as each person who hears these songs will see them a different way. Porches has released 3 Ep's in 2011 and a 15 minute tape in 2012. "Slow Dance In The Cosmos" is their first full length. It may be by design or may be by chance but in terms of songs fitting a project all these songs feel right together and all the songs are amazingly good.

by The So So Glos

Brothers Alex (bass, vocals) and Ryan (guitar) Levine, Zach Staggers (drums) and Matt Elkin (guitar) have (in one form or another) been thrashing on instruments since they were little kids. Having grown up together and tearing into music as a form of explosive bonding and escapism has seriously resulted in a truly significant piece of work. When you hear the songs on Blowout they feel in your gut like songs that have existed for decades and are established bonified monuments of punk rock. Alex does have the strident vocal strain of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones combined that certainly makes your mind think back to the late 70's and early 80's but it is not only that, it is sonic tone the So So Glos have honed. The production is stellar and thick with energy without adopting the Fuzz and garage rock / lo-fi leanings of many indie bands today. The vocals are front up with a smartly spartan music bed of kick ass drums, heavy bass and guitars (and other elements) set back but not too far to kick serious ass. In this regard, their sonic tableau has more to do with bands like The Clash or The Descendents. I guess I am old school but this particular sound really appeals to me .In Blowout, the So So Glos have crafted a truly engaging album. It is cliche to say that it sounds timeless but it really does. The songs also manage to make you want to cheer, dance, mosh your ass off and smile broadly.

Hell Bent
by Potty Mouth

We The Common
by Thao and The Get Down Stay Down

We are the 21st Century Ambassadors
of Peace and Magic
by Foxygen

Be Frank, Furness
by Heyward Howkins

On Be Frank, Furness, Heyward Howkins spins his poetry in such an unusual way that it can, at time, make you feel like he is speaking in his own unique language. His vocal mannerisms, way of cooing phrases as well as turning them on their head feel like charming puzzle boxes. His love of words, of language is apparent. The fact that he is able to contain these jumbled stories in melodious songs is added icing to the cake. The songs themselves vary in tone and style but they all have this rich vagabond spirit. Nogales cut out of a folk indie rock cloth bounces along as joyfully as carefree lovers riding horseback through the desert. Cut and Corral with its many tempo shifts, kind of rolling bridge, dramatic heavy downbeats and obtuse lyrics is classic Howkins, "We see all woolen hands cursing that sky, and a pile of flints that weren't right, handles like Grendel pollenized with a sigh."  Some of Howkins song cast out imagery of rustic shambled boathouses meandering down the Mississippi (at least in my mind) or turn of the century musicians in smart straw hats in the French Quarter. Songs like Rare Earth, Brite Kites, Flimsy Stock and Sweet Tea Oleander have this undefinable southern elegance and with a rustic patina of another time or world really. Don't think that Be Frank, Furness is all stereo-scopic imagery. Lorraine dances with touches of 70's Brit Pop and a strong back beat and light indie rock feel. 
Be Frank, Furness like Howkins 2012 album The Hale and Hearty is a rare flower that is worth finding and taking hold of.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

AP:  In No Need For A Leader  and other songs on II -Unknown Mortal Orchestra seem to be channeling the ghosts of T-Rex, Bowie and the Beatles. It doesn't feel so overt as to feel like a rip off- it just feel like those influences have seeped deep into Ruban Nielson's artistic bones. Monki feels like a paisley seduction and Faded In The Morning jams with a garden rock edge with a funky back beat. Swim and Sleep Like A Shark brings Elliot Smith in my mind as much as 60's free love and hippies. Many of the songs on II have such sweet lovely lyrics and equally beautifully composed picked guitar rhythms. A wonderful album to fall in love with or fall in love to all the while flashing peace signs.

Life is Murder
by Kal Marks

Silence Yourself

by Savages

AP: Savages' Jehnny Beth's voice demands your attention. With a cagey clarity she mouths her words like wide eyed Shakespearean stage actor in tortured tones somewhere in between Siouxsie Sioux and Ian Curtis. The heavy bass and 80's power rock feel makes this the best album this year to listen to as you tool down California's Pacific Coast Highway at midnight. The sounds can feel cavernous but "at close range" as well stalking your inner senses. The jagged bottom heavy new wave makes you want to put on black nail polish and dress all in black.

I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
by Diarrhea Planet

Cerulean Salt

by Waxahatchee

by Human Behavior

by Beastmilk

Golden Suits
by Golden Suits

The album is full of songs that feel like personal confessions or stories told over backyard fences or late night bro talks over numerous beers. More than one song is punctuated by hand claps and percussion that could be replicated at a house show by stomping on hardwood floors. I like this organic feel. Not that the album sounds lo fi in any way. It is pretty lushly produced around Nicolaus's voice that never get's lost in effects. His vocal's dressed only a bit always sound intimate. These folk based songs take such lovely melodic diversions in between the story telling. Swimming In '99 dashes along with lovely poetic remembrances "I wish I love you with 7 hearts so I could pass the days were apart."  From press accounts, apparently the album was inspired by a rather tumultuous year in Fred Nicolaus's life. Money problems, being chased out of his apartment by a severe rat infestation, a trip with his father exploring the death of his grandfather during Word War 2, and a painful break up. Nicolaus found himself 40 lbs lighter through it all. I think it is quite brilliant and I wonder if these songs birthed our of pain are now a source of healing. A beautiful catharsis.

by Arp

by Mikal Cronin

June Gloom
by Big Deal

Yellow Red Sparks
by Yellow Red Sparks

Major Arcana
by Speedy Ortiz

The Terror
by the Flaming Lips

Dear Mark J Mulcahy I love You
by Mark Mulcahy

No Blues
by Los Campesinos

White LIghter
by Typhoon

Aqua Amarga
by Wild Pack of Canaries

The Silver Gymnasium
by Okkervil River

Loose Sutures
by Fuzz

Adult Film
by Tim Kasher

 The Albatross
by Foxing

Wakin On A Pretty Daze
by Kurt Vile

by Autre Ne Veut

You're Nothing
by Ice Age 

Papa Cremp
by Cherry Glazerr

by Tyler Lyle 

On his 5 track Album "Expatriates",Tyler Lyle's folk songs feel  like true life stories hidden inside these exquisite  fractured fables. Lyle's often forlorn voice can rip your heart out. There is an earnest warm quality to his tone. There is no over wrought or over melodramatic performance. It just feels so real and kind of conversational (in a way) like he is spilling his guts over beers in the solitude of a nearly empty bar. Lyrically, he has a flair for references in history and even mythology but it is the darkness underneath some of his words that give these folk / indie country songs emotional gravitas. In Medusa he sings: "Don't be afraid of the blood and gore... Don't be afraid of the devil on the threshing floor cause there's a power in your bones that out-consumes War and Sex and God and You." in Rodanthe, a pretty love song (or love lost song) were amidst plaintive pedal steel guitar he sings: "Your daddy chased me round the water said "what are you doing with my daughter"... I said"I'm just doing what the bad boys do, sir didn't you used to want to be a bad boy too."  

The perfectly simple productions work in every way. You can feel the plucking banjo, lazy drum beat of a porch performance in Werewolf where Tyler trades confessions with a sweet female vocalist, "And some days I am a mother fucking werewolf... I am a cannibal that eats himself alive."  Of all the lovely songs on Expatriates, maybe the clear standout is Ithaca, a measured stirring 12 minute tribute to wanderlust full of dreams, albeit tattered ones. The spartan production, lullaby acoustic cadence, swelling musical and vocal orchestration is beautifully moving as is Expatriates itself. This is an album that you will come back to again and again like fond bittersweet memories. Lose yourself in its embrace.

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James Sleemo Smile Smith Westerns Southern California Steve Albini Surfer Blood Suz Sweeden TOLEDO The Brazen Youth The Breeders The Caracals The Grinning Ghosts The Little Miss The Orwells The Pocket Rockets The Ruralists The Smiths The Spiral Electric The Titos The Toms Ticket Giveaway Twin Ritual Valentin Marx Wall of Ears Wavves Wes Anderson Wyatt Blair X Young Jesus Yuck adult books album alexs bar all ages alternative funk alternative post rock american pancake anthems athens avant garde folk bandcamp bass beach boys beats beautiful harmonies bedroom recording blendo folk blues blend psychedelia blunderbuss bowie brian wilson charlyne yi cinematic rock country and western crazy creepy dance music dark psych rock dark rock david lynch death death from above 1979 debut EP disco do wop punk doom folk dream indie dreams drummer dynamic elegant ellogoods emo punk ep ethereal folk fast five festival folktronic fullerton funk rock funky indie fusion fusion rock glam ballad gothic groove grunge indie hybrid pop hyper realistic hypnotic indie chamber pop indie country indie electro indie experimental indie noir indie post punk indie rock ballad indiepop industrial jammy jammy guitars jazz fusion jesse jo stark jimmy fallon kickstarter las vegas live acoustic live radiohead live show live shows lovely lush pop lyricist moshing music festival music producer musicians my bloody valentine new folk orchestral rock percussive performer porch blues produced progressive folk progressive punk psyche punk psychedelic pop queens of the stone age rain rhythm and blues rockibilly sad girl sadie dupuis sardonic pop self titled EP sexy shannon shaw sonic sophomore album star wars stoner rock storytelling surf guitar surf guitars sweet synth indie rock synths talking heads track review trippy art rock video video games vintage visual artist vocal harmonies vomit wanderlust war on drugs wide streets wilco "As One Would Exist Within the Crescendo" "Kingdom Illusion" "Lotophagi" album "What Happens After" 'If your heart could speak what language would it use 10 Classic covers by Miley Cyrus 100 flowers 2000's garage rock 2020 40 watt club 60's 60's alt folk 60's brit pop inspired 60's folk rock 60's style 70's art rock 70's jam rock 70's pop 80's electronic 80's electronica 80's flavors 80's indie pop 80's indie tones 80's new wave tones 80's post punk 80's romance 80's sound 80's synth 80's synth rock 80's vibe 90's alt rock 90's shoegaze 90's tones A Scene From Jaws Aaron Silverstein Ace of Wands Age of Dinosaurs Age of Dinosaurs EP Air Quotes Al Spx Alex Siegel Alex knost Alice Costelloe Alice Roosevelt Allah las Ambulance LTD America American Pancake Song of the Day American rock Amir Miles And Then We Lived Forever Andrew Gomez Angry Saints Animal Waves Ant Anthony Fantano Anthony Ramirez Approachable Members Of Your Local Community Aquadolls Arcade Fire Arizona punk Artrock Atlanta punk Audio Antihero Aussie Rock Aussie band Austraila Australian Australian rock Autos Jaquet Baby Fuzz Baby She Roam Bakersfield California Baltimore Maryland Bands Basement Revolver Bat Zuppel Bath England Beach bums Belaver Belfast Bevin Fernandez Bill murray Billy Idol Blackstar Bond Bono Boone Parello Bootleg bar Brett Gleason Brighton (England) Bristol Broken Bones Brooklyn indie pop Burlington Burnt Pixels Bushwick CMJ tour CT CW Lott Caelo Calan Mai Calfornia Cali California Nights California indie California pop Calvin Love Cape Town Carter Vail Casey Chandler Cass McCombs Cassie Ramone Charcoal Burners Charlie Kerr Charlie Moothart Chernobyl Sunshine Club Chicago Illinois Chicago based Chicano Batman Chirpy Chris Caulder Chris Cornell Chris Pellnat Cleveland Ohio Comprador Conan Contact Covid 19 Coyle Girelli Crooked Teeth Dabble Dada punk Dakota Blue Dallas Dam Gila Damien Blaise Dana Gavanski Danish musicians Darksoft David DiAngelis David Gantz David Lovering Deep sea Peach Tree Deer Venom Delaware Descendents Dessie Magee Diana Wolfpack Disclosure Disq Dog Paper Submarine Dominic Antonio Sepúlveda Dominik Robin Donzii Dorian Electrique Down The Lees Downtown LA Dr. Dog Draag Dream Goth Dunedin Dylan Dylan Fellows Dylan Gilbert East L.A. Eau Claire Wisconsin Eddie Angel Edinburgh El Paso Eldoradio Elephant Castle Elephant Stone Elliah Heifetz Eminem Endless Forms Eshchar Nachmany Essex Eugene Oregon FYF secret show False Heads Farfisa Fauvely Fellini Fellow robot Fever Fish Frances Luke Accord Frederick The Younger Friendship Commanders Gabe Greenland Gabrielle Marlena Gapdream Gareth Inkster Gary Numan Gaspar Sanz Ghost Gi Smee Glasgow Glass Glasshouse in pomona Glow Gnar tapes Gon Von Zola Good Eye Records Grand Theft Auto Greek rock artists Gregory Ackerman Gregory Mendez Grizzly Bear Guatemala Gundelach Gwen Stefani HUSSY Halloween Hamilton Ontario Haneke Twins Hannibal Buress Harlem punk Hartford Hayley Johnson Head Heele Hillary Clinton Hillman Mondegreen Holly Winter Holy Wave Homebodies EP Hotel Mira Human Ian Terry Imaginary People Indian Indiana Indianapolis Indie Cindy Inland Empire Iowa Iran Irma Iuliano Izakaya Heartbeat. psyche rock JJCnV Jacksonport Jacob Faurholt Jailbox Jam in the van Jam rock Japandroids Jazzcats studio Jesse Saint John Jessie Jones Jesus Jet Elfman Joe Kneipp Joey Santiago John Hughes Johnny Conqueroo Johnny Franco Joseph of Mercury Joy Division Justice Der Justin Chase Kai Orion Katmaz Kermit Obert Kevin Morby King Jane Kiss The Tiger Kosch & Bosco Kush K Kyan Palmer Kyle Krone Kyle Thomas Kyson L.A LUC La Mirada Labasheeda Lac Belot Lauren Ruth Ward Leeds UK Lisa Papineau Littul Bullie Lollipop Records London band Lorde Loverman Low Roar Luke Hawley Lupine MAITA Madrid Magana Malian Mantaray Maple Bee Marc Bolan Marc Ribot Maria Maita-Keppeler Marilyn Monroe Marlene Oak Marlin's Dreaming Maryland Massachusetts Matt Dowling Matthew Pinder Matthew Squires Memphis Michael Cera Michael Henss Milk Music Millionaire (jz + bncé) Mines Falls Minihorse Mint Julep Miracle Legion Mirror Shot Mississippi Mod Modern Moxie Monad Monday Moon Block Party Moonspeak More Moscow Apartment Moses Mother Sun Mouth Breather Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel Mrs magician Munich Mush NEEDSHES NEW TRACK NPR NPR tiny desk NRVS LVRS NY Nathan Thelen Nel Unlit Netherlands Neutral Album New England New Haven New york synth pop Newfoundland Nick Cave Nick Drake Nilsson Nordic indie folk Northern California bands Northern Ireland Nottingham Nova Scotia Nuala Honan O Mer OC punk Oklahoma City Olivia Price One Sentence. Supervisor. Switzerland Orange County punk Oranj Son Orchestra Gold Organised Scum Osheaga Festival Oshens Ottawa PA PINT + BLISTER Palm Ghosts Paragon Cause Pastis Patrick Norris Paul McCartney Paz Lenchantin People Years Perth Australia Phil Danyew Philadelphia PA Philip Seymour Hoffman Picsel Pinback Pink Floyd Pitchfork Pitchfork Media Pixies on tour Poetry In Motion Porches Port Juvee Portugal Possessed Possible Oceans Pretty Girls Make Graves Prince Provo Utah Pushpin Queens Queensland Rachel Bobbitt Rainbrother Rashmit Arora Rave Remastered Reno Royale Rezillos RnB Rollingchild Romania Roosterhead Roxy Music Running Back Russia Ryan Cassata Sacramento Sadgasm Sam Herring Sam Miller San Jose San Luis Obispo Sand Diego Sandy Alex G Santa Ana Santa Barbara Sara Rachele Sasha Papadin Satellite Ravens Savannah Georgia Sea Girls Sea Offs Seattle based Seldom Family Seth Bogart Sex Pistols Sharkmuffin Shutups Silver Lake Jubilee Silverlake California Sincerely California Slave Ambient Sleeping Visions Sleepy Gaucho Sleepy Gonzales Slumberjack Sneaky Little Devil Somehow Sore Thumb Soundtrack South Carolina South London South Wales Spaghetti Western St. Vincent Star Parks Steady Strange Neighbors Stranger Suburban Living Summer Flake Superego Supernova Superstars Surfer Rosa Surfing Swells Sword Collector THE GLASS HOUSE TV Television Tess Cunningham Thai Food Thanks Light The Amber Unit The Appleseed Cast The Audacity The Babe Rainbow The Bay Area The Chevin The Cribs The Dandy Warhols The Drums The Enemy I Know The Frights The Glasshouse The Good Manners The Hannah Barberas The Heavy Eyes The Jam The Lavender Scare The Mosaics The People Between The Prefab Messiahs The Qualia The Ramones The Rebel Light The Shins The Spaceship The Vivids The Wants The War on Drugs Theo Cohn These days Thin Lear Tijuana Mexico Til I'm A Ghost Tim Carr Timi Temple Tokyo indie Too late Tourist Trainwreck Department Transylvania Tromsø Complex Trophy Wife Tropicalia Trump Trump Win Tugboat Captain UK tour Unicorns at Heart United Ghosts United Kingdom Uzbekistan VEDA Venezuela Vermont Veruca Salt Victoria Vinyl Records Visc Vlad Holiday Wait War Strings Wet Leather album Who Wild Signals Will Samson Winston Vista Wires on Fire Wish Tank Witch's Wall Wolfgang Valbrun Wray Wyatt and Fletcher Shears Yael Naïm Yasuyuki Uesugi Yawn Young Hunting Zac Kusmanov a spartan production with dream pop sensibilities acoustic finger picking acoustic pop acoustic rock acoutic alt alt blues rock alt folk / psyche pop alternate music alternative dream alternative post punk alternative soul alternative southern garage rock ambient electronica ambient pop americana roots angelic voice animated animation annie clark anthem rock anti folk anxiety arranger art rock noir artistic artistic music asbury park askew rock author avant-garde avante garde banjo basement recording bassist batwings catwings beach fossils beach pop beautiful and sometimes a bit torn beautiful melodies beautiful yet sad bedroom punk bedroom recordings big chorus big rock sound bipolar black and white bloody death skull blue collar rock bluegrass blues post punk blur bon iver boy girl vox brit punk bruce springsteen bucket lists burger records release burgerama 2 busy life buzzcocks casey mecija casio rock celtic change charity charming cheeto champ chill beats chill pop christopher owen chunky guitars cinema punk cinematic sound civil rights classic pop cold collective college rock commercial compilation composers conceptual confederate flag cow punk creator croon cross dressing cults culture dance party dance track dark Americana dark post punk day one death by unga bunga death hymn number 9 debbie Harry deep demos dense rock depression disco punk donation doolittle doom soul double lead guitars drama dramatic dream dream wave droning synths drugs drums east los angeles echo park rising 2016 eclectic rock electro gaze electro house electro indie electronic ambient electronic indie electronic project electronic psych rock emotional depth emotional music emotional pop emotionally deep engineer experimental music fantasy feral punk feral rock film maker flower punk folk ballad folk jazz fusion folk noir folk tale foo fighters foster the people free dnld free form free music froth fucked up full length funk pop funky punk fyf 2012 garage psychedelia glam punk glascow gospel rock goth post punk gothic Americana gothic pop great production great vocal performances great vocals gritty folk rock gritty vocals groove pop grunge folk grunge rock grunge tones guitar heavy guitar) guns gutter punk halloween party hardcore hardcore punk harmonies heyward howkins high hip hop pop hip hop tones honkytonk filter honus honus house hybrid folk hybrid indie pop hybrid punk improvisational indie alt folk indie art pop indie dance indie dance pop indie festival indie pop rock indie sci fi indie synth pop inspirational instagram of the day jagged rock jangly guitars jazz folk jazz indie jazzy johnny depp jurassic shark katy goodman kexp live keys kitsch pop krautrock laguna beach last show late night life stories live performances lo-fi pop loneliness lounge pop lounge rock luscious magical mellotron mellow rock melodic mental health metal rock mixcloud moody moonage daydream mountain surf moving multi-instrumentalists muse music collective music fest music project neil young neo classical neo folk new EP nick bowen ninth studio album noise folk noise punk nostalgia old wave opinion piece orchestrations organic rock original songs pain pasadena passionate performance artists piano ballad piano driven pj harvey poetic rock pop duo pop rocks porch punk post punk hardcore post punk tones power trio pretty prog prog pop prog post punk proggy punk progressive farm rock progressive indie protest protest folk protest music protest punk protest rock psyche blues rock psyche folk rock psyche funk psyche jazz rock psyche wave psychedelic blues rock punk duo punk noir punk proto punk punk scene punk whimsy pysche rock pyscho quarantine quartet ra ra riot racism raw record release recovery relationship song remix rock ballad rock indie rock motif romantic post punk rvca sad romance sardonic folk sci-fi pop shifting rhythms shocking singer - songwriter singer- songwriter singer-songwriters single ska slow burn smart punk smiths snarky vox social distancing solo artist somber pop soul punk sound scape soundcloud space folk spaghetti western vibe spaghetti westerns sparks spinner stooges story telling storytellers strangers stress stripped down sub pop submissions summer twins super pop surf garage rock surf music surreal pop sweetcreem syncopated rhythms synth core synthesizers tacoma washington teacher the Dead Ships the Mercy Stone the doors the observatory theater theater composer thee oh sees thoughtful music three piece band tight bass time machine tired tmz tommy santee klaws tomorrows tulips tonight tortured love ballad tours trap tropical pop trumpets twitter two tone ty segal van morrison vast video premiere vinyl vocalist vocals volcom ent volcom entertainment weird weird pop well produced western william keegan wistful world music tones wwoman ‘colorful & impressionistic’ "A nihilistic love song for our current age." "All The Ways You Sing In The Dark" "Alone in Paradise" "Ambition" "As It Grows Dark / Light" "Ashes" "Attention" "Auto-Pain" album "Better Daughter" "Between Space and Time" "Blackout at the Kindergarten" "Burn The Castle" "Call of the Spring" "Change"album "Classical Notions Of Happiness" "Clementine" EP "Collector" album "Colors" album "DISCONTINUE NORMAL PROGRAM" "Day Ripper" album "Days of Heaven" "Dust & Honey" "Dysthymia" "Elsewhere" EP "Endless Space (Between You & I)" "Every Bright Penny" Album "Everybody Hates Us " Album "Eyze" "Force Majeure" due out on May 15th "Gamma Gardening" EP "Good Dog" "Grønland" "Hand Me Down Kingdom Come". dramatic changes "Hello Voyeur" "Hiding Out" album "Hold Onto Yourself" EP "Honey from the Hive" "How Long Have You Known?" "How To Be Human" album "Hyperbola" "I Don't Wanna Take Too Much" "I Got it From My Daddy" "I Know Now Why You Cry" "I hate That I Love You" "Interloper" "Kitchen Sinking" "Kudos" EP "Lady Love" "Leaving Room" "Let The Beast Out" follow up "Lexiconmind" "Life as a Mannequin" "Little Flock" "Marbella" album "Morality of Accuracy in Photojournalism" "Mutation Of" Album "Myths "Never Be Apart" album "New Truth" album "NightSongs" "Nothing New In The Human Zoo" Album "Oh The Pain "Opening Night" "Patience "Perfectionism" "Pre-Brexit" trio. Sapphire Blues "Put Down Your Phone" "Red Room" EP "Romance" EP "Sandman" Graphic Novel "Second Guess" indie pop "See You Tomorrow" "Shell(e)" album "Sleep Running" "Sleeping Visions" drops today "Slightlydelic" "Softie" album "Softly" "Something Softly Caught Me" "Spark" "Spirit Glow" "Staring at the Moon" album "Stays Up Late" "Stray Fantasies" "Stream of Youth / Bland World" "Tell A Lie" "Temporary Soothing" "The Key to Your Heart". WAR "The Light Goes Out (feat. Trailer Limon)” "The Music Stands" "The Slow March of Time Flies" album "The White Sea" album "The World's Awake" (2020) "Triple" EP "Two Hearts" EP. synthwave "Vestiges of Tails Appear in All of Us" "Wake for the Dreaming" "Wasteful" "We're Coming Back" "When She's High" "Who Cares How It Ends" "Witch's Wall album "Yesterday Is Gone" "a gathering of voices "an amalgamation of depression "conceptual feminist narrative" "dream-fi folk" "perfume" "tragic self love story" #metoo $800 box set (Nervous Lovers) (Official Earth Day Video) (featuring Nxfce) (razor blade yelps and feral) into a punk vibe ...obviously .imp 000 streams on Spotify 1-10 10 Out of 6 10 year Anniversary 10-year alcoholic spiral 100 100 Onces 100 Watt Horse 110 favorite songs 2018. indiemusic 12 inch Vinyl 13 tracks 13//ali_fawn 130 bpm 15 Billion Eyes 17 year old Megan Bülow 18 piece band 18 plus venues 18 years old 1920's Americana 1940s 1960's pop 1980's 1980's heavy rock 1980's pop 1987 198x 1996 1999 2 million Spotify Plays 20 20 years active rock band 20's jugband 20/20. yellow pills 2000's rock sound 2012 All My Friends Music Festival 2015 debut 2016 Line Up 2016 Presidential Race 2017 reflections 2019 "Hammam" album 2020 "White Fang" EP. indie rock 2020 "With You" album 2020 EP 2020 EP "Mutation Of") 2020 EP "Rumble Pak" 2020 album “Suffocation & Air” 2020 single 21 [F.O.L.] 210 IQ. White Fence 21st Century Failure 22 Years 25 Hour Convenience Store 26th studio album 2nd single off of Drens' debut EP "Pet Peeves" 2pm for breakfast 3 albums 3 camera shoot 3 piece rock 3 piece thrasher rock 3.5 minutes of an almost imperceptibly sad and torn heaven 30's blues 300 310AM 4 piece 4 piece band 4 piece punk 4 years ago 40's jazz 42 King 4th album "Seasonal Depression" 5 dollar comedy show 5 piece band 5 years 50 Best Albums of 2013 50 only cassettes 50's bombsheli 50's killer movies 50's style 52 Hertz Whale 5th single of 2020 6 piece band 6 piece rock band 60' pop 60' tones 60's 70's chamber pop 60's 70's rock 60's Brit pop melodies 60's Brit pop tones 60's chamber pop 60's flavors 60's garden rock 60's indie pop 60's influenced 60's jam pop 60's pop affectations 60's psyche rock 60's psyche sounds 60's soul 60's spooky country vibe 60's tearjerker 60's tones 60's torch song reality and orchestrated sounds 60's vintage pop 60's wash 656 7 in single 7 piece fusion 7 piece mini orchestra 7 piece rock band 7 subjects 7/8 time signature 70's / 60's classic rock 70's Brit pop 70's Grind House 70's Jazz 70's avant garde chamber pop 70's classic rock 70's folk 70's metal 70's prog rock pop 70's proto punk tones 70's psyche rock vibe 70's punk 70's show 70's soul 70's toned 70's tones 70's wave 8 Million 8 bit pop 8 bit punk 8 years through the sweatiest dive-bars 8-Bit apocalypse party 80's college rock 80's goth rock 80's graced new wave 80's infected synth tones 80's inspired 80's ish 80's pop sensibility 80's romantic wave 80s-inspired left-field pop 9 year hiatus 90 post punk 90's 90's R & B 90's aesthetic 90's college radio 90's college radio rock 90's college radio tones 90's dance 90's folk acoustic strums and tender vocals 90's grunge rock 90's indie rock 90's post punk 90's rock sound 90's rock sounds 90's rock tones 90's sound 900 Dreams 90s 911 A Beast A Blind Arcade A Clockwork Orange A Decline in Morality A Doll's House. alt folk A Hundred Miles to California A Moment In Time Album A Moon Shaped Pool A Picture Made A Sun-Filled Room A Work Of Reflection in the Age of Mechanical Sentimentalism A case for Vinyl A.O. Gerber ABC AC Sapphire ACD. AG Rojas AGAT ALL I See ALX AMF festival ANIMA AP Interview AP Radioshow AP Russian Roulette ARLO ASHRR ATM ATREM AV Club AZ Aadams Aaron Gibson Aaron Pautian Aaron Tanner Aaron Taos Aaron and Julia Aaron and Julia- Abba Abe Vigoda Abhi the Nomad Abjects Above The Moon Abracadabra album Abraham Academic Academy Award winning actor Acrobatics Everyday Adam + Attack by Fire Adam Gil Adam Harding Adam Melchor Adam Scharf Adam Schlesinger Adam Sullivan Adam Tarsitano Adam Webster Adam+Attack By Fire Adele emma Adi Feher Adler Bloom Adobo Adolescentes Sin Edad Adopted Brothers Adventures in the Underground Adélaide Aeris Finch Producer Aeris'87 Aeroplane Aexandria Maillot African inspired African rhythms Afro /Swedish After Age of Death album Age of Dinosaurs Album Age of Distraction Age of Reason Agree to Disagree AhaComa Ahmed Mohamed Airhead DC Airpark Airships On The Water Ajimal Akira Records Al Finch Aladdin Jr Aladdin Sane Aladin Sane Alameda Alan Parsens Project Alastair Donaldson Albatross Albert Baro Albert Kass Album Motion Control Album out Album review "The Light of the Sun" Album review - Foster the People Album review- Torches Albuquerque Alec Kirkwood Alec Simke Alejandro Jodorowsky Aleksander Waaktaar Alernative Rock Alessi's Ark Alex Casnoff Alex Cooper Alex Cordel Alex Faciane Alex Lahey Alex Musatov Alex Rand Alex Schiff Alex Young Alexa Melo Alexandria Alexandrina Alexandros Kilias Alexis Farshi Algorhythm Ali (vocals Ali Coyle Ali George Alibi Album Alice Bisi Alice Limoges Alice Temple Alister Fawnwoda All Eyes All I Think About Now All My Friends All My Friends Music Festival All Odds All Of The Times All The Luck In The World All Them Witches All This Thinking All You Need All You Sad Boys Allah Has Allah-Las Allan Fine Allan parsons Allegheny Drive Allelu Allentown Alley) Alligator attack Allison Meegan and Natlie Closner Allyson Hernandez Alphabet City Already Dead Tapes Alt Fiction Alt Right Altar Eagles Alto Key Altopalo Alyson Van Amaka Queenette Amanda Jo Williams Amarillo Amazing Amen Dunes American Dream American French Revolution American Love American Pancake Shotgun American Song Book American Songbook American Soul American flag American living in Brussels Amo Amo Among the Acres Amos Nadlersmith Amos the Kid Amy Guess Amy Linette An Execution Anaheim California Ancient Whales Ancoats Manchester Andersen Coates Andes and Breath Andrea Andrea Franz Andreina Byrne Andrew Boles Andrew Deadman Andrew Goldring Andrew Joncas (guitar) Andrew Ryan Andrew Schubert Andrew Stogel Andrew Thurlow Wood Andy Bianculli Andy Clockwise Andy Goitia from Milwaukee Andy K. Leland Andy McAllister Andy Valenti Ane Diaz Anemic Ang Fang Quartet Angel Angela Aux Angela Aux. bedroom pop Angela Hernandez Anglo-French duo - Natalie Findlay and Jules Apollinaire Angry Sun Angry letter Animal Collective Animal Hands Animalism Album Animals Animated Film Animator Anjunadeep label Ann'so M Anna Bulbrook Anna Burch Anna Horvath Anna Nordeen Annabel Allum Annandale Annie Anniversary Anniversary Edition Another Song Another Story Another Version Anson Seabra Anthony Pedroza Anthropocene Antiseptic Heart Apart track Apeman Spaceman Apparat Apparition Apple Arabic Arbour Season Arcade Fire Best Song of 2013 Archer Archie Faulks Arcs Are You Gonna Be Okay Argentina Argentina based Ariel Beesley Ariel Levitan Ariel Sharratt Aristotle Arni Ehmann Arnold Schwarzenegger Around Here Arrogant Afterglow Art & Crafts Art-Rock contemporaries Youth Sector and Tranqua Lite Arthur Arts Fishing Club Arun Roberts As Usual EP Asaf Avidan & The Mojos Askew art Asleep Astoria Astound Astralingua Astrals Asy and Chole Saavedra Asympt Man At Some Point At The Drive In Athanase Athen's Pop Fest Athena single Athens Greece Atlas Orbiter Attack on stage Attic Mother Attics Auckland Audacity Hole in the Sky Best Song of 2013 Audio Cassette Releases Audioslave Audiotree Live Sessions Auramancer Aureate Gloom Aurelia Aurora Aurélie Tremblay Aussie Gold Coast Austell Austin Barone Austin City Limits Music Festival 2014 Austin Danson Australia /UK collective Australia darkwave Australia's Lucid Hoops Australia-born independent artist Australian Indie folk Australian expat Autobahn Autocomplete To Win Auza Ava Trilling Avalanche Aversions Avert A Gaze Awesome Show Axel Flóvent Axel Mansoor Ayad Al Adhamy Azealia Banks Azure Album BBC BBrave BEST of 2013 so far BF/C BIRTHH BLUES PILLS BNNY RBBT BR-EA-THE BRNDA Babe I'm Gonna Leave You Babe Parade Baby Combat Baby Fleas Baby I know Baby Ocho BabyJake Bachelor Paradise Back To The City Back-Burner Palace Backseat Vinyl Baco Doente Bad Animal Bad Bikini Bad Bloom Bad Brains Bad Decisions Bad Indians Bad Karaoke Bad Karoke Bad Mother Fuckers Wallet Bad Pop Bad Rabbits Bad Weather California Bad by Michael Jackson Baerd Bahamas Baklavaa Ball Pit Witch Balto Bamberg Bamboo Banah Winn Band Band On the Hunt album Bangkok Bangladeshi Banzai Cliff Barish Firatli and Californiaman Baron & Byrne Barry Wilson Barry Wison Barsuk Baseball Game Basel Basic. Organised Scum Bates Motel Battleme Baybs Be Real Be Real Official Video Be Strong Be Strong Smoke Less Be bop Deluxe Beach House Beach Novels Beach Riot Beachdust Beachwood Coyotes Beachwood Sparks Bear Pit Bear the Waves Beard Bates Bears in Hazenmore Bearstance Beatles Beautiful and elegiac Beauts Beauty Fades Beauty Pageant Becky Kessler Bed of Sun Bedouin Soundclash Bedroom Bee Bee Sea Beecher's Fault Bees and Enormous Tigers Before After Again Belako Belarus Belgian rock Belgium atmospheric Belgium based three piece Belgium's Eyemèr Bell Bella Venutti Bellflower Bellingham Belly Of The Beast Belonging Ben Collins Ben Cooper Ben Dickson Ben Ford Ben Godfrey Ben Hooper Ben Keysaer (bass) Los Angeles Ben Kweller Ben Leiper Ben Morrod Ben Mullen Bendigo Bendik Dræge Orvan (bass) Bendik HK Beneath the Burning Bridge Benedikt Benefit show Benevolence Album Bengal lancers Benjamin Shapiro Bent Antenna Benzo Beneluxo Berkeley Berlin Taxi Berlin music scene Berlin street musicians Bernie Sanders Beside you Besnard Lakes Best 25 songs of 2014 Best Best of list 2013 Best Coast video Best Coast’s live performances of “Everything Has Changed” and “Different Light.” Best Mann Best Songs of 2013 Best Wishes album Best Years Best album of 2013 Best of 2013 Best of 2015 list Beta Waves Bethany Cosentino Better Than It's Been Betty & The Kid Between Mountains Between the Moon Bewitched Bible Belt Big Band Big Blue Sky Big Deal Big Fox Big Jesus Big Quiet Big Sin Big Wake Big drums Bike Thiefs Billie Van Billy Corgan 8 hour set Billy Libby Billy Nomates Billy Zoom Bin Party Records Biophilia Bird Concers Bird of Ill Birdman Cult Birds Birds album Birmingham (UK) Birthday Birthday Girl Birthdayland Bison Dele Bizou Black Beach Baby Black Beast Black Books Black Hole Bears Black Hole Fusion Black Joe Lewis Black Lillys Black Pine album Black Spring Black Suit Youth Black Tooth Blackpool Blackrock Blacksheepish Blacktop Queen Blackwater Street Blaede Blah Blah Blah Blaire Blake Perlman Blanc Cassé Blandlord Blank City Records Blanket Fort Blaque Chris Blarg Bleeding Gold Records Bleeding for you Blending electronic beats Blight Records Blister Blonde Bones Blonde Redhead Blonder Blood & Bones Blood Blush Blood Cultures Blood Moon Honeymoon Bloody Death Bloomington Indiana Blue Canopy Blue J Blue Moon Blue-Eyes Blushing Bob Bruno Bob Mould Bobby D Bobby Guard Bobby Hawk Bochum Bogata Bold Forbes Bolt from the Blue Bombay Bicycle Club Bonebrake Boo Riley Boogie Nights Book Of Love Book Signing Bookie Baker Books Boone Booored Bootleg Theater Boreen Boris Gronemberger Born in October BornByMan Borns Boski Bosnian / Canadian Bossanova and Trompe Le Monde Boston Marathon Boston Massachusetts. grunge Bottler Bottom Baby Bottomless Boulder Colorado Bow and Arrow Bowie Tribute Bowie impersonator if ground control Box Of Moxie. Irish Sea Lover Box set Boy Brooks Boy Jones Boy Pablo Boy rex Boyish Charm Boyo Brabant Brad Byrd Brad Collins Brad Truax Bradford Cox Brady Miller Brainchild Brainstory Branches Brandon Graham Brandon Zahursky Brasilissima Brasov Romania Bratislava Bratmobile Brazilian Brazilian born Brazilian classical composer Brazillian pop Breadwinner Break up songs Breathe Breather EP Brenda Years Brendon John Warner Bret Newski Brett Netson Brian Eno Brian Kelly Brian McShea Brian Wakefield Brick by Brick Brighton (UK) Bristol (UK) Bristol-based Brit pop affectations Brit proto punk Britain British metal British pop rock band British underground Britney Spears Broadcast in 4 D Broadway Brodie Jenkins Broken Wings Broncho Bronson Caves Brooke Binion Brookly native Brooklyn NYC Brooklyn alternative Brooklyn based Brooklyn based indie folk duo Brooklyn based indie project of Daniel Alvarez de Toledo and Jordan Dunn-Pilz Brooklyn based songwriter Brooklyn punk trio Brooklyn rock Brooklyn. alternative rock Brooks Allison Browsing Collection Bruce Enloe Bruce Johnston Bruch Bruja Brunch Brutus Brutus Begins Bryan Ferry Bryce Waitkus Bryn Rhys & Zoe from Bristol Bucharest Buck Buck the Taxidermist Buckinghamshire Buddha Trixie BuddhaFly Quest Buddhism Buenas Aires Buffalo Buffalo Sex Change Bugs Bui Bulls and Roosters Bully Bummer Burbank Burd Burger Brecords Burger Records' Quarantunes Burger world series Burger x 5 Burgerama 2013 Buried Behind Monet Burke Cameron Burmingham Burn Burn the Witch Burn the man Burning Palms Burst Review Busker Diaries Busty and the Bass Butcfh Walker Buttertones Butthole Surfers By The Time Byre Byron Bowers Bête Noire Bülow Bünyamin Eroglu C C'est Karma C.W. Lott CGI CHVRCHES CLT DRP CMD CMJ Top 100 Cabin Fever Cagework Caitlin Rose Caity Krone Cakewalk Calan Mai. Moontwin Caleb Jacob Caleb Kopta Calexico Calexico Border Calgarian hip hop scene California country folk California punk California singer songwriter / multi- instrumentalist Call Home Call Me Karizma Call Me When You Land Callas Callie Marino Calling Me Names Callous Copper Callous Reaction Calls Out Trump Calm the beast Camden Town Camp Echo Camp Saint Helene Campus Swagger Canada. Canada’s busiest producers Canadian Canadian indie Canadian singer-songwriter Canadian-German hip hop artist Candy Bar Candy eyes Cannabis Cannibal Animal Canterbury rock jazz Canto Canyons Caoilfhionn Rose Cap'n Marble Capitano Capitol Offense Capitol Records Capote Captain Beefheart Car and Driver Caravan For Sale Caravela Carbondale Illinois Cardiff Wales Cardnl Cards Careful Is My Middle Name Caretaker Carey Alexander Carina T Carl Gransmark Carli & the Dark Carli Naff Carnival Kids Carol Rhyu Carol’s Boutique (Sounds Inspired by Jasper Mall) Carousel EP Carrousel Carry The Weight Carrying Torches Cars on Mars Carson Lund Carson Rhode Carson Rohde Carson and Erik Lund Cartography Casey Banker Casey Golden Casey Golden II Album Casino Town Casket Girls Cassandra Hamilton Cassandra Lee Hamilton Cassette release Castle Cat Montgomery Cat Ryan Cat Stevens Catatonic Suns Catch Prichard Catch a Dinosaur Cates Catholic Action Cats Cats On The Beach Cave Flowers Cayley Thomas Cecilia Della Perruti Cedric Warner Sparkman Ceilings Celeste Tauchar Cells Cement Hands Central Arkansas Central California Central New Jersey Central Texas Ceramic Animal Ceramic Dog Chad and the Meatbodies Chameleon Champ Major Champaign Chaos Chaos Chaotic Waves Chapter 1 Chardonnay Charles Manson Charles Vadala Charlie Brand Charlie Cunningham tour Charlie Gray Charlie Pollard Charlie Weber Charlotta Perers Charlotte OC Charlottesville Chase Walsh Chasing Ella Chatham Chayse Porter Check Yourself Cheer Up Cheer Up EP Cheerleader Blues Cheese Nachos Chelsea O'Donnell Cheltenham Cherry Pickles Cherryhead Chester Bennington R.I.P Chester England Chester UK Chewy & Bach Chiba Chicano Soul Chicano rock Chico California Childmind Children Of Paranoia Children's Hospital Children;s Birthday Party Chili Chill hop China China Tanks Chinese wild farm restaurants Chives Viria Chk Chk chk Chkbns Chloe Chloe Berry Chloe Foy Chorus Grant Chow Chow Mandy Chris Brain Chris Cornell death Chris Crisci Chris Cunningham Chris Moyer Chris Pietrangelo Chris Prescott Chris Rock Chris Webby Chrismess Christen Kwame Christian Cohle Christian DJ Christian Gibbs Christian Ingelevics (drums and percussion) Christian Lee Hutson Christian Stezycki Christina Schneider Christmas Christmas parties Christoffer Wadensten Christopher Nolan Christopher Owens Chrysta Bell Chuck Berry Ciel Bleu Cigarette Hills Cigarettes After Sex Cilice Cindy Gravity Cistern Chapel Citrus Lover Citrus Maxima City Girl City Victim Civil War Lesbian Realness Claire Givens Claire Julian Clairebear Clara Benador Clara Strauch Clare Means Claremont Claymation Clean guitars Clear Blue Sky Clenched Fists Clever Girls Climb Clint Eastwood Clinton concedes Clinton fails Clone baby Clone of Clones Closer Cloud Coach Phillips Coastal Clouds Coasting Coattails Cobra Fantastic Cocaine Butterflies Coco Columbia CocoRosie Cohen Cohenovich Cold Engines Cold Hard Cash Cold Rain Cold War Kids Cold in the sky Coldplay Cole Heathcott Colette Colin Cameron Colin Stetson Collector Collette Andrea Collin Selman Color Out Of Space Colour Picture Book Colour of the Jungle Colton Toy Columbia Columbian Combat Medic Combo Qazam Come To Me Comic book Coming Up Roses Commander Keen Commerce Community Complicated Computer Concentration Camp Concert Review Concert photography Concrete Blonde Connecticut Conneticut Connie Danger Connor Hanwick Consequence of Sound Conspiracy Theories and Other Stuff I Made Up To Sound Interesting" Content Creators Coalition Contest Contra Party Contrition Hymnal Conversation Cookeville Cool To Be Unhappy Cooled Jets Cooper Wolken Copyright Coral Corcega Corde Oblique Corey Alexander Cork Corona California Corwin Bolt and the Wingnuts Cosmit Cote Cotillon Couch Jackets Could Count Us Out Countercultural Savior Country music Courtship Coveted Creatures Cowboy Dinosaur Cracked Porcelain Craig Zahler Crane Crashing Sky Cream with a K Creative Creative touchstones Creative writing exercise. Improvisation Creep For Life Crete Crimes Criminal Hygiene Crimson Queen Cristian James Criteria Critica Critics Cross Crowded Room Crown of Holly Crunch Official Music Video Crunch single Crunchy Frog Crystal Antlers Pray Best song of 2013 Crystal Cities Crystalline Cubed Cuesta Loeb Cups by TL;DR Cursed Arrows Cursive Cut Cut Surface Cut a hole Cutty Flam Cybersecurity Cyndi Lauper Cynical Mind Cystic Fibrosis D.H. Scott DACA DATAROCK DG Solaris DGZ magazine DI-RECT DISCHAAAGEEE is based out of Fukuoka DIY aesthetic DJ Kim DJ Sets DTSA Underground Dad Bod Daddy Dahga Bloom Daiana Feuer. Zorthian Ranch Daily Jobs Daisy Victoria Dakota Hall Scott Daliance album Dameer Dameer Khan Damian Abraham Damien Blasise Damien Jurado Dan Auerbach Dan Bakkes Dan Dickson Dan Edmond Dan Friedman Dan Shaw Dan and Patrick Dana Carvey Dana Gould Dana and the Wolf Dance With You Dancing In Your Basement Dandy Little Day Daniel Craig Daniel Isaiah Daniel Lerner Daniele Fioretti Danielle Curiel Danish Danish Indie rockers Danish Virtual Band Danish alternative rock band Danish music scene Danny Boy Danny Downing Danny Heinz Danny Higgins Dante Elephante Dante vs Zombies Daphne Dark Water Dark synth Darkbird Darth Nater Darwin Champagne Dash Jacket Daugter Dave Chappelle Dave Einmo Dave Grohl Dave Sheinin Davey Allen David Bernard David Boland David Bowie passes away David Cross David Provenzano David Ulrich David Yow David comes to life Dawn Chorus Day Is Over Daydream Daymaker Days Dazed De Lux De la soul De'Wayne Jackson DeLouise Dead End Dead Inside Dead Leaves Dead Little Penny Dead Lucid Dead Man's Knee Dead Milkmen Dead Painters DeadPanzies Deal Casino Dean & the Dagumn Space Villains Dean Canty Dean Manning Dear Japan Dear Moon Dear Ocean Dear Other Dear Tenement Death Cab For Cutie Death From Above Death Hags Death Rox Death Valley Girls Death and the Maiden Death from above 1979. Peter bjorn and john Death in Mosh Pit Debut "Dark Water" Debut EP Candy Debut Huddle EP Decatur Georgia Deceiver December 2015 December already Deena Lynch Deep Touch Deeper Deer Fellow Deerhunter Dehilya Del Caesar Delafaye Deleo Deleted Scenes Delirium Tremens Delta Maid Delta Mainland Demon hunter Denis Navarro Denmark punk rock Denmark- Black Chemicals Dennis Fuller Denton Department of Eagles Depth Charger Derbyshire Derek Mabra Derek Senn Desert Moon Palace Desert surf films Design Desmond and the Tutus Desperate Journalist Destination Wedding Detail Of Preceding Details album Deus Ex Machina Deva Deva St. John Devin Devin Davis Devin Santi Devin Therriault Devin Tuel Deyo Dez Money Dharma Wilde Diana Ross and the Supremes Diane and the Gentle Men Didirri Die Antwoord Die Wände Diesel Park West Diet Dillon Scott Olney Dim Sum Dimension Sound Studios Dino Mansik Dinosaur Jr. Beach House Dirt Hand Disco-punk Disgraceland Disney World Resorts Disneyland Disparo Divino nino Django Haskins Dododo. South Korea Doe Paoro Dog In A Man's Suit Dolly Wells Dolorific Dolorifics Dom la Nena Don Don Babylon Don Rosler Don't Panic Don't See Why Not Donald Dank and the Naughty Boys Donations Donator Donghyuk Yu Donna Grantis Donny Evan Donovan Doom Bloom Dorian Electrique's magnetic vocal aesthetic Dorset UK Dortmund Dorvin Borman Dot Dash Douala Doug Martsch Dougie Poynter Downstream album Dr Sure's Unusual Practice Dragons Dragut Lugalzagosi Dream FM Dream Phases Dream noise Dream's Theme (featuring Dressed Like Wolves) Dream. Sleep Dreamcar Superet Dreaming Of Islands Drenched In Honey Drew Danburry Drew Davies Drew Hart Drew Pinchotti Drew Thomson Drifter Drifting Driftwood Drips Drobakid Drooligan Droves Drowning Drunken City Dublin's TV People Duck for 20 More Years Duderella Duets and Stuff Duff Thompson Duffer Bros Dulcie Dull Dreams Dumaresq Dumb Dumb Numbers Dumb Numbers 2 Dundee Dunkirk Duran Duran Dust Dust of Days Dustbowl Revival Dustin Price Dutch Cultural Heritage Commission Dutch band Dylan Goodsell Dylan Hicks Dylan Hundley Dylan Pham Dylan Von Wagner EDM EDM R&B tones EP "Dad Time" EP "Flora" EP "Plague Days" EP "Slow Down Vision Zero" EP "Under Exit Lights" EP "What If We Were Wrong" EP 2 EP Hold On To Yourself EP Introvertigo EP disparate youth EP drops March 27th Eades Eagle leather gay bar Eamon McGrath Ear Op Earth Libraries Earthquake Lights East Coast Tour East Harbor East LA East Nashville Eastward Easy Easy Easy Train Eat Skull Eat the Etiquette Eater Of Things Ebow lead Echo Country Outpost Echo Park Rising Music Fest Echo plex Eclipse Eddie Noack Edmonton Edmonton Alberta Edward Cantu Edwin Eerie Glue Eeyore Egghunt Records Eggshell Einleit Eject El Guincho El Lago El Mar El Perro Del Mar El Rey Theatre El Swoncho El West Elastic Sheep. dream pop Eleckrockrat Election 2016 Electric Blue Yonder Electric Lunch Electrician Electrified Electronic syrup Elemantra Elementaj Elisabeth Elektra Eliza Edens Elizabeth Goodfellow Ella Estrella Tischa Elle Archer Elle E Ellesmere Port Elliot Elliot James Elliot James Mulhern Elliott Smith Elson Complex Elvis Costello Email Emanuel Patterson Emby Alexander Emily Hamilton Emily Mineo Emily Warren Emma Grace Emmalee Madden Emmanuel Ventura Cruess Emotional Mugger En Bloc Enbers Endless Destinations Endless Idle Endless Space (Between You & I) Endless Wave Engine Trouble English English artist Enjune Entre Los Dos Entwine Envy in the Valley Eoin Noonan Epic List of Best Songs of 2013 you might not know about Epic Show Erez Aviram Erfurt Eric Brendo Eric Cannata Eric Judy Eric Livingston Eric Pedigo Eric Stoff Erick Alcock Erik Lund Erik Mutzke Erin Delaney Erin Emslie Erin Rae Erin Roberts Erin Vadala Erki Pärnoja Errka Petersson featuring Sara Öberg Erwan Pepiot Erwan Pépiot Escape Velocity Escapism single Escapismo Primaverile Esteban Rene Estereomance Esther LP Estonian Estrons Ethan Allen Ethan Kramer Ethiopian Eureka California Europe Europeon Tour Eva B. 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Suzanne Kraft Fever Dreams Fever High Fidelity Project Fierce Panda Records Figat7th Fight The Sea Figurehead Film Scoring Filmic song Filmmaker Filter shows Find A Way Find Me Wrong Find My Way Fingertip Finland rock band Fins Fire Fire In The Radio Firebug Firemaid Firemouth Firetail Fish In The Dead Sea Five Months Five On It Fixture Flaccid Ashbacks Flaming Lips Flax Flea Fleeting Flesh World Flesh without blood Fletcher Shears Flo and the machine Float On By Float Point Flock of Seagulls Flocks Floor Is Lava Flower Flower Parts Flowerbed Flowery Branch Flowery Branch Georgia Floyd Kellogg Fluff Fly Felix Flytraps Flyway at the Fox Folding Folk Stories & Fairytales Folk Tale Records FolkGaze Follies and Vices Follin Follow the Blind Fonzarelii Food For Fodder Football money For Entertainment Purposes Only For Gavin For Luke Graham For Other People” For a limited time Foreign TV Forest Ray Foresteater Forever Honey Forever On the Fence Forgotten Kids Forster Fort Collins Fort Gorgeous Fortworth Texas Fotograph Foul Fountains of Wayne Four Leaf Clover Foxygen Fraaek Fragil Fragment Peach Fragments Frame Frames Franc Cinelli Francesca Blanchard Francis Blume Francis Farmer Francis Moon Frank Black Frank Moyo Franklin Fransancisco Franz Kline Fred Armisen Fred Astaire Fred Nicolaus Frederick Anthony Free Sunday shows Free Tickets Free dnlds Free download Free of Heart Free stream Free sxsw shows Freedom Freedom 21 Freedom EP Freedom's Goblin Freeman Young French Alps Tiger French American French Romantics French Vanilla French electro French singer