Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year-!!!! Good bye to 2013 !!! Hello 2014 !!!!

I had hopes of posting a year's end reflection on music and things in the news but I guess one of the revelations I have had this year is the growing realization that I have been having less time to blog this year. In uncertain economic times it has been crucial for me to put in those extra hours at work and unfortunately that has meant less blogging. The crazy thing is that American Pancake has been growing in popularity despite the lack of consistent posting. I am so terribly behind in responding to hundreds and hundreds of requests / submissions. I have even thought about ending this little blog but each time I am about to announce APs demise I receive a sweet email from a band letting me know how much my review meant to them, that doors were opened and that my review made them feel like they were moving in the right direction. Little encouragements like this keep me going.

I really hope that American Pancake will continue to grow even at a glacial speed. Thanks to any and all of you who stop by and hopefully find out about a band that they never heard before.

HAPPY NEW YEAR-!!! and be good out there!!!

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