Sunday, January 5, 2014

AP Album Review- "93" by Left and Right

Dense walls of sound, heavy drums, guitar assaults with progressions that signal youthful freedom and vocals that beg to become sing-a-longs are the order of the day on the 5 track album entitled "93" by Left and Right, a 4 piece rock outfit that hail from Charlottesville,Virginia. As I listened to the first three tracks I thought of (the heavier side of) Yuck, Diarrhea Planet and Japandroids all at the same time. The fervent feel of Ted inspires full throttle midnight runs. I can imagine that live Left and Right leave copious amounts of blood, sweat and beer on the floor. This is a song that inspires fists in the air when you are not moshing. Coliseum is equally heavy with thick guitars, a bass heavy bottom feel and has a forlorn desperation in it's veins. The guitar break is inspired. There is romantic streak (whether gotten or lost) buried inside the indie rock of Virginia Settlement.

It is not all  full throttle rock as the boys bring it down a bit on the dreamy and sadly wrought Rabbit which feels like a loved one's head on a caring shoulder. Like those times, Rabbit is filled with ups and downs with sounds that feel like regret and anger. Nice musical arc as this song runs the emotional gamut with sustained guitars sounds that build to a heavy (and musically tasty) indie rock conclusion. The album finishes with Rock City which caries the name of this album as it's 1993 touchstone. It is a heavy, free spirited, nostalgic closer to an album that makes you want to charge the castle walls in your life.
Robb Donker

You can check out 93 in full at the Left and Right Bandcamp page

Left And Right - Virginia Settlement from Hibernator Gigs on Vimeo.

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