Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Garden- The Shears Twins' Dada Punk Pushes All the Fun Buttons

On their Facebook page under 'genre'- The Garden list Vada Vada, a reference to the 3rd track on their album "The Live and Times Of A Paperclip."  Like the title of that song, much of their avant garde punk songs have lyrics that stray into the absurd. I haven't figured out if the songwriting process is total stream of consciousness "say whatever the hell comes in my mind" kind of thing or if the brothers Shear think deeper. The lyrical content read a loud could come across as part existential / dadaist poetry and most definitely strays into surrealism. Wyatt and Fletcher themselves have a keen eye for fashion. They themselves have a pop art look and my guess is that their song writing is as much intuitive as it is thought out. Whatever their process is, the Shears twins' Dada Punk pushes all the fun buttons. I absolutely love it.

Robb Donker

NOTE: I shot them most recently at their European Tour send off show at the Observatory (Constellation Room) in Santa Ana, California.

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