Saturday, February 1, 2014

Natalie Pryce - JANINE (Official Video) - Simmers then Boils Over

Natalie Pryce crank out their beautiful noise in Glasgow, Scotland. I have never been to that lovely and ancient part of the world but if I ever make it there I would hope to walk into a stonewalled pub and see this band kicking out their dirty sweet sounds. NP is Mark Swan on vocals, harmonica and melodica- Greg Taylor on guitars - Steven Litts on bass and Stephen Coleman on drums. Their love of jazz, blues and punk is sliced and diced and blended into a gritty garage rockish amalgam. The energy quota is high. The sultry Janine slow burns on bass and a harmonica riff and then is propelled with Mark Swans vocals that are soaked with crazy desperation. The song simmers and then boils over. The dynamic energy and single minded focus reminds me of the proto punk art rock of the late 70's and this is a good thing indeed. While Natalie Pryce will undoubtedly make their way to my neck of the woods and grace LA audiences with their brand of music, I hope I make it over there and see them in that stone walled pub. THAT would be fucking brilliant.
Robb Donker

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