Saturday, April 19, 2014

DASHER- Track "Time Flies" - Deliciously Abrasive Arena Punk

Kudos to Dasher. Pitchfork premiered their latest scream fest "Time Flies" and Evan Minsker ends his sweet review by saying "It's a song that doesn't let up. Nor should it. This is a band at the height of their nihilistic powers."  Putting philosophical doctrines aside, this latest track has such a deliciously abrasive wall of noise that sonically it feels more anthemic than a lot of post punk. There is something about the big space sound of the drums, the stadium wallop of the guitars and Kylee Kimbroughs death charge screaming vocals that makes this feel like the arena rock of bands like Savages or Beastmilk. Maybe an apt description of the sound Dasher puts out would be arena punk. Is that a musical term, genre?? Maybe it should be. Sweeeeet.

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