Saturday, April 12, 2014

HUMAN BEHAVIOR - "Eat The Wind" - 12 Songs Written and Recorded in 12 Days in Chile

AP reviewed Human Behavior's "Golgotha" Album last December. I referred to that project as a musical UFO. It was mysterious, hard to describe but ultimately strangely moving.  At this collective's creative core stands front man Andres Parada who spins these kind of Gothic folktales possibly out of whole cloth or not. It is hard to tell where reality begins or ends, where fantasy ebbs and flows. This is what makes Human Behavior's musical weird trips intriguing. Some of the compositions can feel random, some absurd, and some passages can hit a progression that can get you in a meditative state like a musical mantra. The sounds can also make you silently laugh but even the fun moments can be tempered with an almost invisible darkness too.

Their latest Album "Eat The Wind" contain 12 songs that were written and recorded over 12 days while Andres spent time with his family in Chile. Each day, he wrote and recorded a song with family members invited to play and sing along. Most of the songs on "Eat The Wind" are based around the charango and banjo and were recorded in various locations. This impromptu recording style was one of the key elements resulting in a raw organic collection of songs.

From the forlorn whimsy and absurdest folk of Eat The Wind and Canon Father to the bitter fun He-People to the weird rootsy Americana folk of Shot and Fuegos Artificiales to the sadly obtuse and beautifully engaging Lace and "No It Was Not" to the disturbing dream theater that is Rise and Shined and the diminutive sweeping story of Potion, once you push go, you cannot turn away and the emotions you will feel will be varied. Another musical UFO that is worth sighting. Human Behavior is not for everyone, it is for those of you who dare to stray outside of your comfort zone, for those of you who like to be taken on musical trips not knowing what lies around the next corner.
Robb Donker

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