Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mumblr's "Full Of Snakes" is Full of Sonic Gems

On their full length debut named "Full Of Snakes" Mumblr might be a band that chases sonic ghosts from before (that is too say the grungy indie rock progs might be somewhat derivative) but as a framework for Nick Morrison's vocal performance that always holds emotional weight and refreshingly interesting lyrics the album is thoroughly engaging. It might sound like it came from a 90's time capsule but the themes couched in each song are things you can relate to instantly.

It is the songwriting that shines. I mean it doesn't matter how old you are, at times you have to bathe in the angst ridden, self loathing, self doubting, hope, passion, anger and love sickness of youth or days gone by. Embedded (like a splinter) in the heavy Seattle grunge sound on Philadelphia is that feeling of having a place that maybe shitty but it is yours and yours alone. In Black Chicks there is that self hate that comes out of the perverse heart (nothing wrong with that). Racial unease and generational devides from a 17 year old angle in White Devil. This song bobs and weaves and is one of my favs on the album. It is pretty bad ass.

The lyrical head scratcher and sonic shapeshifting song on this album is 2012. It starts off dreamy and then landslides into an exuberant indie rock song with very cool guitar lines and heavy tom toms. Very cool. This song jams and sounds incredibly dense. I thought of Yuck for some reason a tiny bit. Greyhound Station feels kind of wordy in an emo way. May be my least fav on the album. Mumblr's sound is stripped bare in Masturbation and then climaxes in a cacophony of sounds (yeah, I know). The percussive bass on Roach is just plain delicious as are the thick guitar down strokes. Dynamic as hell it goes from cooly quiet to loud with a wonderful musical break. The Weezer-esque ITAUATT (I Think About You All The Time) has a certain  indie pop genius about it as the one passage song goes from celebratory emotions to not so much.

Mumblr's Full Of Snakes is 17 tracks long and while some of those tracks are not full fledged songs they all possess elements that seem to move you from one sonic experiene to the next. Grave is the perfect outro song. I will leave it at that. Just listen to this album and take it all in. It is full of well crafted, well produced candid indie songs and thankfully (THANKFULLY) has vocal performances that don't sound like every other indie band.
Robb Donker

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