Thursday, October 23, 2014

Album Review: Devo to release: "Miracle Witness Hour"- SPUDS Rejoice and Step into The Time Machine

 I can still remember when Devo appeared on Saturday Night Live way back on October 14th, 1978. I hadn't heard or seen anything like them. I felt like my brain had been pulled out of my skull, twisted, wrung out and left to air dry. At the time, I thought they were so weird but so potent as well. The rest is history. Months earlier David Bowie and Iggy Pop championed Devo and their zeal for their sound and art performance definitely helped Devo secure a recording deal with Warner Bros. Records. To this day, they stand alone as one of the most unique art punk / art new wave / avant-pop bands of all time. Their place in the history of music, music videos and live performance is set in stone.

On December 1st, the Futurismo Label is releasing Devo's Miracle Witness Hour. For music aficionados this is pretty amazing stuff. Recorded in 1977 at a biker bar turned dive bar called the Eagle Street Saloon in Cleveland, Ohio it is like stepping into a time machine. As I listened to all these songs I tried to imagine what the crowd was thinking hearing such trippy songs. I also try to imagine these "songs of the future" set against the dive bar setting which is a trip in and of itself. The live recordings shine and Devo kills it. Some of the crowd response feels tentative at first but ultimately they get it and show their enthusiasm.

This special remastered release also boasts cool packaging. The outer sleeve comes die cut revealing the box-fold reversible cover inner sleeve containing a second sleeve full of rare images as well as brand new liner notes by Devo founding member Gerald Casale. The vinyl is pressed on heavyweight 180 G colored vinyl with free dnld and the record is also available on Die-cut Digipak CD format.

Tracks: Be Stiff, Uncontrollable Urge, Mongoloid, Timing X Soo Bawls, Polyvinyl Chloride, Jocko Homo, Huboon Stomp, Praying Hands, Secret Agent Man and Smart Patrol Mr. DNA.
A must have!
Robb Donker

Praise the lord! We must repeat D-E-V-O
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