Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 88 in Flowery Branch, GA.- "Cups" by TOW3RS - Dining Room Table - Cute Little Kids and Dogs

It is day 88 today. That is an official 88 days since I set my feet on Georgia ground having moved from Southern California where I have lived for basically my entire life. If you are are new to American Pancake, you can read about that transition here-Farewell to My California Family: Departing Words and Melt Down From a Music Blogger in Exile.

As of late, it has been tough. Homesick is the operative word. While I wear the bravest of faces, I  miss the familiarity, places, friends, acquaintances, my brothers and sisters. The ability to roll out of bed on a Saturday morning and have a dozen places to get a breakfast burrito. Most of all, I miss my two kids. I miss them tremendously.

Since we have been in this pretty cool home in Flowery Branch we have not populated it with much furniture partly because our monetary focus has been on other things. This pretty much empty house has in and of itself made me feel less at home (I think). I am happy to report that I am typing this on our new table. New to us but second hand. We found it on Craigslist and from the back and forth emails with the seller I got a sense that he is a good guy. It may seem odd but that is important to me. Also, from the pictures I viewed, the dining room set just seemed to fit us and fit the house.

My wife and I traveled a full hour and a half to a town called McDonough. William's house was set off the beaten path as they say in an area with vast land around each property. The country house had wrap around porches and a cool rustic look. The fence that enclosed the main front and back areas had two wide gates. William saw me pull up and beckoned me around to the side gate. We were welcomed by his cute little girls and two equally cute dogs. One was a beagle and one a lab / basset hound mix. Meeting  this nice guy and his kids (however briefly) was a sweet gift. It was one of those idyllic moments that pulled me back to when my kids were that age. Of how much I enjoyed it but maybe didn't relish it like I should have. It made me want to relive those feelings again.

What was once this other family's dining room set now graces our dining room and it feel nice to sit on it's quite comfortable chair and sip my cup of coffee and type. Another thing to have this morning is a "Cup of Curiosity" which is a passage in Tow3rs' track Cups. His new album TL:DR drops on November 11th. I think curiosity is key in life. A genuine curiosity about people helps us all in be more understanding. I know it helps pull me out of the doldrums too. Enjoy the track and your day.
Robb Donker

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