Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Perfect Medicine - Manuka Piglet: "Dorothy" : A Trippy Sad Joy

I am in the courtship phase with Manuka Piglet, a self described folk pop band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their Album "Brain-Damaged Toon Underworld" has had me in it's off kilter embrace for a couple of weeks. I cannot stop listening to it and a full review of this mind bending affair is percolating in my brain but for now I want to focus, tease you with track 3 Dorothy. It is the weepy song on the album. It feeds my sadness and my thirst for that sort of detached poetry that makes you want to curl in the fetal position and cry your guts out. It also goes from that kind of Radiohead-ish 90's depression to a hyper-kinetic happy feet kind of askew joy. It is bipolar. It pulls you from the depths to the surface of whatever life you are stuck with or have created for yourself.

I love the ride it provides and the askew lyrical content that walks a tightrope between pathos and silliness. Absolutely love this song.
Robb Donker

"hold your head up high and cry instead of
existing as a washed up painting
and you'll be watched by millions in this twisted lucid
dream yourself away to a better place this evening" 

"softly sitter skip the next phase
volunteer to roll me upside down
and i see me an orphanelli
for i seem to caught inside this nightmare"  

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