Sunday, November 2, 2014

John Moose - "Flower" (Official Video) - The Sad Beauty Takes You Over

 The latest single from John Moose who have their roots in the woods of Varmland, Sweeden is entitled "Flower" and it percolates with a gentle yet formidable cadence that (for me) brings up imagery of fog banks and majestic waves at Big Sur. For you it will obviously be something entirely different. That is the magic of music and especially the magic of this song. It starts off sadly beautiful but as the acoustic guitar and vocals are overtaken by an ever building wall of sounds there is an emotional tug of war that is as tumultuous as nature itself.

"Flower" is written, recorded and produced by John Moose and the video is made in cooperation with Roya Sarvestani and Peter Olofsson. I look forward to their upcoming album. You can check out the official video below and drop yourself in it's imagery or close your eyes and revel in your own.
Robb Donker

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