Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christian Lee Hutson - They're All Gonna Hate Me "Official Video" - "swelling with pearly guitars and Christian's beautiful sad vocals"

Yeah, those scarily "too happy" people that float out there in the world tell you to not wallow in your sadness and who could disagree with that. I certainly don't but at those times when the universe takes a little dump on your life it is good, healthy even to feel it, express it in your art, emotionally digest it, learn from it and move on. A lot of the best art, sonic or otherwise, comes from pain. Christian Lee Hutson artfully exercises his demons like no other. His music (sometimes a sad reflection in a smudged mirror) is so artfully wrought that it pushes alll the right emotional buttons. It doesn't hurt that he has a voice sanded rough with so much character and feeling. The more I hear his music the more I want to have a beer with the guy and offer him a thankful pat on the back for his utterly cool, great songs.

They're All Gonna Hate Me from the onset is swelling with pearly guitars and Christian's beautiful sad vocals. The stair stepping guitar line sounds comfortably 1990's Radioheadesque. The percussive touches that sound like something being dragged on rocks is pretty (rustically so) as are the distant voices. Amazing production. Love the hell out of this song.

Hutson's album "Yeah, Okay I know" is available on his bandcamp page here full of equally engaging songs. Check it out and if you love it as I do, purchase it and support and love great music.


Robb Donker

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