Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Silly Girl" - "L'adulte" - "Queen Lullabye" - SUNDAY MORNING LIVE : Peter, Bjorn and John - Sebastien Tellier - Ty Segall


I absolutely love live performance videos especially when artists do those amazing acoustic performances or interpret their recorded works a bit differently. The live setting can also be unforgiving. Sometimes they are not afforded the best sound checks, the best playbacks and sometimes they are in and out, oftentimes on rush rush schedules, twisted hours and playing on too many cups of coffee and not enough sleep. You can sometimes hear this in their vocal strain and I LOVE that. Great artists step it up when they have to. So enjoy these 3 live performances.

By the way, I grouped these together because I imagine that each artist would not only love the other's tracks but would love performing them as well.

Peter, Bjorn and John: "Silly Girl"

The boys jam the hell out of "Silly Girl" on Radio Hamburg. Peter's voice is on the edge in a kind of Lenon-esque "Twist and Shout" gargling razor blades way and it adds a harried passion to this great song. As fierce is Peter's "Andy Warhol-ish (Bowie) riff , Bjorn's stair stepping (veering into dissonance) counterpoint and John killing it pounding out the beat on a guitar case of all things. Backing vocals are spot on as is the entire performance.


 Sebastien Tellier- "L'adulte"

I must admit that I do not know much about Sebastien Tellier but happily stumbled into this video and immediately liked his look. The song L'adulte is the perfect chill song. Kind of pretty in an almost mysterious way. It makes me want to drink a martini while doing a mellow sock dance.

Ty Segall: "Queen Lullabye"

Ty flashes a peace sign and strums headfirst into a trippy live version of Queen Lullaby. Sweet mix with heavy bass, bright bell rings on the cymbals and a cool vocal yelp before the psychedelic music break.

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