Saturday, April 11, 2015

Diet Cig's Debut EP "Over Easy" - A Killer Pizza Slice Of Pop Punk

Diet Cig, the duo of front woman Alex Luciano (vocals / guitar) and Noah Bowman (drums) cut out a killer pizza slice of pop punk that mainly speak about navigating youthful self doubts and relationships from Alex's point of view. She doesn't mince words. Her vocal performance can sound at once pretty, pretty ballsy and petulant (at times). Noah's drumming is as explosive as it can be considering the musical material. He brings a ton of foundational energy to the short songs.

I like what I am hearing, especially Harvard and Scene Sick which has a comic underbelly to the lyrics. Alex's vocal tone and her specific characteristic sound is engaging and I truly look forward to hearing more from Diet Cig but while I am enjoying the songs, they are not making me feel all that much or making me relate to anything about them. Could be that it is because I am not a twenty something girl or could it be that the songs, lyrically / thematically feel a little self absorbed. I don't know.  A killer slice of pop punk, yes but on thin crust. A pretty kick ass debut nonetheless. Check them out on Father / Daughter Records.
Robb Donker

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