Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Grounder's "No Ringer" Single Ends Way Too Soon

When you hear the driving dirty bass sound on "No Ringer" by Toronto based Grounders there is a subdued mania below the sultry slow burning build. Disjointed horn sounds percolate as the vocals keep it low and in control. The whole thing sounds so cagey, so cool in it's forward movement that at well over four minutes it seems to end way before it's time. There is not one iota of misplaced sound.

"No Ringer" is a little stunner and the single from Grounder's upcoming self titled full length debut album dropping this summer (2015) via Nevado Music, It is so damn tasty I am looking forward to hearing more from these guys.

GROUNDERS are Andrew Davis (vocals and guitar), Daniel Busheikin (keyboards), Mike Searle (Bass) and Evan Lewis (guitar). -
Robb Donker

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