Saturday, April 18, 2015

Red Cosmos - "Dreaming In Unison" Trips Through Musical Worm Holes

Red Cosmos is the artful musical incarnation of Kim Tortoise based out of York (UK) and his latest "Dreaming In Unison" - a sprawling 12 track exploration of dreams present and future or at least that is what it feels like. There is a whimsical wide eyed futuristic tone to the album. Propelled by beats and programmed with airy synthesizer sustains it can sometimes feel like video game fare too but this only lends itself to the quirky charm.

I Went To See Your Doctor is dodgy and dancy with an 80's- esque Pet Shop Boys meets White Town feel. The best tracks (for me) has Tortoise trade a cool falsetto with his more natural voice with great effect. These tracks feel almost like duets like in We Should Have Kissed and my favorite track on this collection, Ode To A Beatnik that is wonderfully obtuse. With it's bell tones is feels a bit like Radiohead and Kraftwerk combined. I love the rushed vocal cadence on the chorus and the sampled voices. The hand snaps disorient and distract as they are meant to. It is a cagey vast track that will surely stay with me.

Some of the tracks veer into social commentary in a twisted way like the sycophantic Fan Club which bops along merrily and creepily. Meet Single Girls in My Area might be the song I would want to hear live the most just to see it done with a real drummer because it is so awesomely percussive. The weirdest track that steers headlong into zany world is Carnal Vindicator. It feels like one of those throwbacks like something you might find on an old Kinks or Who album. For me it is a joke that I don't get but that's ok as I appreciate the musical limb that Tortoise ventures out on.

On Monsters Of Pop Tortoise sings "There's a tear in space-time continuum where the bands of old crawl through.... The monsters of Pop refuse to drop and they're coming to a town near you" and as Red Cosmos he traverses through musical worm holes in unique ways. "Dreaming In Unison" is a weird and wonderful trip.
Robb Donker

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