Thursday, May 21, 2015

Miss YOU Dave Already (tears) - Check Out Awesome Montage spanning 33 years as theFoo Fighters Play an Inspired Performance of "Everlong"

Alan Singer/CBS via Getty Images

Wow, just wow.... I cannot believe that David Letterman will no longer grace late night television. The man dramatically changed what and why we watch late night TV. He gave a voice to those of us who's view of comedy, society in general and politics is a bit askew. His sense of silliness, smart wit and comforting appeal drew us in. He was that crazy uncle who we would delight in seeing at Thanksgiving.

The very last show was unpretentious and traded genuine heartfelt emotion for the usual comedic fare though there were many laughs as well. It is said that Dave was comforted by the Foo Fighter's music when he was recovering from his heart surgery and the Foo Fighter's were the very last band to perform on his iconic show. They even cancelled a tour to do so.

Check out the crazy montage of past moments over the last 33 years as the Foo Fighters play an impassioned performance of "Everlong":

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