Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shaky Knees Festival (Atlanta 2015) DAY ONE- On A Scale between I and 10: An ELEVEN-!!

Day one of the Shaky Knees Fest was pretty amazing. Sure you have to contend with the normal large rock festival annoyances like seemingly outrageous prices on food and drink, having shirtless sweaty people rub up against you in a crowded pit and navigating through crowds while simultaneously avoiding stepping into a pile of vomit-- OK, seriously that only happened one time (high five). Besides all that normal stuff, day one was an absolute stunner!

The flow and position of the stages and food sections was laid out nicely and I must say that the Shaky Knees App is so incredibly useful so download it if you haven't. This is an abbreviated post and I will write a more in depth post late about the bands I experienced but they were many. By far, the highlight for me was The Pixies set. Hands down a life changing experience. Mac DeMarco was as funny, charming and cool as he always is and did his now trademark crowd surfing (while smoking a cig) at the end of his set. Wavves has never sounded better, great set. Manchester Orchestra pretty much melted my face off.  Haerts played raw two manned garage blues rock and the crowd loved them. Halsey was very cool. Death From Above 1979 killed it. TV on the Radio shined as the sun shined back in their faces as a drone hovered over the audience. Surfer blood seemed super casual but played a great set. When the Strokes finished off the night, the Peachtree stage and surrounding areas were just a sea of bodies. Everyone packed in to see them and they did not disappoint.

Ooops! Got head out the door for day Two. OH, one more thing- a shout out to Saint Greg who gave me a cold beer!!
catch you later-
Robb Donker

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