Monday, June 8, 2015

The First Ever American Pancake Vloggy Thingy- track review: "Orouboros" by Rare Diagram

Hey sweet people, I have always wanted to have a youtube channel where I do a vloggy thingy and am able to do album and track reviews, commentary on all aspects of the music industry, current events and more. Basically a verbal free for all and build a relationship with all of you who have been kind enough to support this blog (and you are many).

This first go round was, well, pretty rough. I didn't realize that talking to a static camera could be so difficult. At times my mind went blank and I said "so" way too much. It is kind of easy to sound measured and articulate when you write a review but speaking off the cuff and from the heart to a camera is such a different thing. Yes, I am clearly not as slick as Anthony Fantano but I hope this channel will grow an audience. I also want to promise to you all that I will make a concerted effort to not only grow this channel but make it better. As you can tell I am just using the mic on the camera and you can actually hear my super doggie Lucy running around upstairs. In the upcoming weeks my gear will improve as well as my on air "performance" for lack of a better term. I just want to be myself but not be as nervous as I was tonight.

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Take care people!

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