Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bi Polar X5 - "Deep River" by Sleepy Hahas (Official Video)

When Deep River starts off with it's screaming sounds and pounding, sultry bass line I thought of a punkified Depeche Mode and then the syncopated vocal harmonies made me want to vogue (yes, as in boxy dance moves)... and yet it transforms once more. It is full of dramatic turns. It sounds weird. It sounds bad ass. It cuts a cool groove. Then it has a "what the fuck moment" when the bridge playfully turns your mood ring another shade and the catchy falsetto refrain begins: "I could be your cutie pie.... I could take away the pain and make it mine oh mine..."

The crazy thing is that all these mixed flavors and musical emotions work. Deep River is the new single off the forthcoming LP "From the Bottom of a Warm Lake" by electronic psych rock band Sleepy Hahas our of Buffalo, NY. Check out the artfully trippy video below directed by Jason Harvey ( as well as their Bandcamp page.

Robb Donker

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