Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kirsten Izer - "Burning Out" and "Wrapped In Gold" Off Her Upcoming Debut EP dropping September 25th

Even a small blog like American Pancake receives a whole lot of submissions and it isn't often that while listening to brand new sounds that I get the feeling I am listening to the embryonic spark of an artist who will eventually ignite into something really big. I got that tingly Spidey sense about 19 year old New Jersey indie singer songwriter Kirsten Izer when I soaked up two songs she is sharing off her upcoming debut EP set to drop on September 25th. As of this time, I am not sure if the EP will be a digital release or vinyl.

What I do know is that while the songs are catchy and well crafted, it is Kirsten's vocal delivery that sets her apart from that average submission.  It is rare to hear a voice with character that instantly engages you. There is also a quality in her voice that makes me think that she has been singing for quite a while, does it often and feels comfortable in her musical skin. This self awareness is important in a singer because it allows the performer to be snarky, funny, or utterly vulnerable even if it is uncomfortable being so open. Kirsten is all of these things and more in Burning Out and Wrapped In Gold.  The production is a bit lo-fi (but not terribly so) and she recorded and performs both songs completely. They feel a bit like demos but the raw nature only enhance the listening experience. I absolutely love her vocal style. She rides the emotional edge. She certainly seems to feel the songs she sings and the emotional gravitas she is putting out is contagious. Burning Out is on constant rotation in my head right now- LOVE it and please, please listen to Kirsten's rendition of Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. Amazing.

As is usually the case, if I hear bedroom recordings I seek out a live performance to see if he or she is the real deal. Kirsten is. Check out her spartan performance of Daisy (so awesome) which apparently will be one of the songs on her debut Ep as well which, by the way, is entitled "What If This Is It?" Believe, me girl... it is not.
Robb Donker

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