Monday, September 7, 2015

Henry Sugar - "I Woke Up In A Body" - Dreams the Body Electric

Henry Sugar's evocative track I Woke Up In A Body has streams of sound that sometimes seem to exist on different musical planes wrapped up in their own interplanetary spin (and sometimes cadence) only to intertwine and form a whole. This unity happens when the drums kick in (sounding like they are being played) in a cavernous space. Then the streams of sound unwind, unravel.

The video as directed by Paul Plastic (Paul Rojas) is a trippy affair and suits the track. This song made me think of so many things, kind of made me want to hear a vocal track even if only way back in the distance. It is very cool and I look forward to hearing more from Henry Sugar.
Robb Donker

Bio Notes:
Henry Sugar is a musician/producer from originally from Cincinnati, OH where he got his start DJing which is the gateway drug to producing. Now residing in Los Angeles, Henry Sugar is one half of the synth punk electronic outfit Pelts with Jim Swill (Ex-Realicide) and one half of the production duo HideThenSeek with ClockworkDJ (Most Dope)

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