Sunday, October 18, 2015

BIG WHITE'S - "You Know I Love You" Feels like 79 Proto Punk - Vast, Off-Kilter and Good

Big White's track "You Know I Love You" is as ebullient as it is cheeky. It also feels vast, snarky, off-kilter, drunk and focused all at the same time. The organic energy factor is off the charts. There is an amazing allure of late 70's proto punk. More than a whisper of early Talking Heads or The Feelies or XTC. I am really digging / feeling Cody Munro Moore's lead vocals. He pushes his vox up to the raw edge. Big White are Cody, Nicolas Griffith, Elmo Aoyama, Bowen Shakallis and Jack Wotton and are based out of Sydney, Australia. I can't wait to hear more Big White.
Robb Donker

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