Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Velvet Hands - "Who Cares" - Oh It's So Good To Be Young, Rocking and British

Who Cares by The Velvet Hands is a raw rocker that cooks with the kind of proto punk prowess of bands like The Orwells and The Strokes. To be sure some of the progs might feel derivative of what came before but I cannot deny the hookiness of this track that is locked in my brain and the vocal performance has this kind of measured aloofness that is as alluring as it is timeless in it's youthful coolness. The instant you hear that opening guitar lick you will be bopping your head, the "Strokes-ish" vibe is totally addictive and the lead break is absolutely killer.

The Velvet hands are Dan Able and Toby Mitchell based out of Austell and London. On this track Jake Fiore is on bass and Charlotte Tunnicliffe on drums. Who Cares (along with Games) is their debut single that dropped last month and available as a free download on Oct 9th from the bands website :

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