Monday, November 23, 2015

Tess in Venice has the "Antidote" for what ails you.

Tess Cunningham as the London based alternative rock artist Tess In Venice is releasing her new EP "Flood Heart Fly" today on Itunes. The 4 track EP is all too brief a taste but one that will satiate your hunger for songs that are equal parts indie and dream pop.

There is the track Once Upon A Time that feels a bit like 90's post folk rock. It has hooks galore and a kind of hippie / garden rock underbelly. Nothing Ever Happens has a kind of cagey quality. It burns cool with a really great groove. Early Flo and the Machine flashed in my mind during this track. It builds and soon you feel like you are soaring.

I Won't Tell is stripped down acoustic with pretty flourishes. It feels almost childlike in a good way, whimsical and it should be sung to a legion of kids. Maybe my favorite track on the EP is The Antidote. It is the most celebratory track on "Flood Heart Fly" with a beautifully upbeat vibe. The cadence and downbeats feel a bit like Arcade Fire with Tess In Venice's artful inspirational aesthetic. At times like this, hope and dreams, love and inspiration is something we need a lot of.
Robb Donker

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