Monday, November 16, 2015

The Van Goghs - Latest Single featuring "Take It In The Teeth" Injects Some Funk In Their Progressive Indie

I reviewed The Van Goghs - Escape of The Jellyfish EP way back in 2012 and then (shame on me) kind of lost track of them. Escape Of The Jellyfish is a really cool EP with a decidedly progressive pop mentality. The Chicago based rockers just released a new digital single "Take It In The Teeth" / "Hello!" which has the same wide reaching musicality but veers into more cagey sounds.

Track A: Take It In The Teeth with it's shifty indie funk tone, hand claps and percussive breathes feels part proto punkish meets indie pop and romantic wave. I thought of Franz Ferdinand, 80's ABC even and Talking Heads. In a similar way, Track B: Hello! mines that kind of territory but it feels way more dramatic. There is more glammy rock theater in the presentation. It is audacious and fun. Both tracks compliment each other.

In short, this is a really cool single and made me want to hear the eventual album these song will be derived from (HEAR ME GUYS??). In summation the lush dynamics and sultry slow burn (erupting into flames) pops and crackles with the energy of proto punk meets Brit indie meets power pop. Aesthetically, think Roxy Music pushed through a Duran Duran filter. Yeah, I know that is a weird description. Check out the tracks below and crank it up.
Robb Donker

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