Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Monday. Start off the week with Ra Ra Riot - and feel "Blessed" not "Stressed" as you Jump Into the "Water" New Album "Need Your Light" 2/19/16

Happy Monday. It is that time of the year when most people's day jobs are blowing up. Whether you are in retail or work for a manufacturer like myself, everyone's stress levels are through the roof as product has to be produced or sold in order to finish out the year in a big way and, of course, this translates to long hours and sleepless nights. Our life outside of work usually suffers as does those extra things you do besides work, like working out, going to the movies or doing those blog posts you were supposed to do.

I am behind on all those things so let's listen to the cool sounds of Ra Ra Riot to start the week off in a leveled manner. On their track "Water" the beat is mellow yet heavy like something off a classic Moby track. Soon the bass and lush sounds fill in the edges as does a very embracing vocal track. Absolutely love the bridge which made me think of classic MGMT a bit. The sound is hopeful, a bit somber though healing and as inviting as the ocean.

New album, "Need Your Light", out 2/19/16!
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