Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ok, I know I shouldn't...! AP Email Bag- Private Streaming - Calisse: Farewell Black Sheep / Dam Gila: Face The Sun

So last night I felt like doing some cold listens to what are essentially private streams that publicists have sent me. Am I torn playing short clips of songs that are not yet intended for public consumption? Yes, I am but just treading in unknown personal waters to see if I stay afloat. I think that the brief listens (as teases) will only garner interest from an audience who is always craving good material and even though I might make some off the cuff harsh remarks on the video when I actually reviewed the material, Calisse and Dam Gila both had true substance (to me), both had tracks that blew me away and continues to grow on me.

So take this video with the good will it was intended to be kind of bathed in and let me know if you like this kind of format. I actually would love to do cold live listens with a partner and there are a couple of friends that just might be into it, hmmmm?

AND do check out my full reviews of Calisse and Dam Gila after the video.


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  1. glad you like the music and not the bio.... hard to please everyone with bios BUT ROBB we xo you! its fine you share short clips of the music! and my "nails on the chalkboard" line for bios are "born of...."