Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Video Daughters' Self Titled Album on Already Dead Tapes and Records Proves That All Is Not Lost

ALL Is Not Lost: Video Daughters

So everyday I check out my AP email and do a cursory look and listen of the dozens of submissions I get and I can tell you that most of it just leaves me cold. It is not that the music is necessarily crafted poorly or sounds all that bad but there is nothing that grabs me. There is a lot of the same tones, progressions, aesthetic over and over again and if I have to hear "kingdom come" in a song again I might just drive a pencil through my eardrum.

This morning after treading through a lot of musical muck I came across Video Daughters out of Brooklyn, New York via Already Dead Tapes and Records and maan I am liking what I am hearing. Rather than do a conventional album review, for now, I just wanted to post up some links and discover this band with you, maybe even post a song or two a day etc. and maybe to some vlogging on this band. I can tell you that the sound, attitude, atmosphere they are creating (to me) has a decidedly proto punk feel with a good amount of abstract things buried in the heavy bass and guitar lines. A lot of punk / garage rock has an immediate in your face sound and Video Daughters washes their sound out in the drone of their sustain. This kind of noise rock filter makes their edge feel dreamy as well. Call it psychedelic punk or whatever, I love it.

As I did a quick listen this morning song after song made me feel think of a lot of bands and while everyone of us bring our own musical history to the table when we hear songs I thought (for various reasons) of old school bands like Tom Wooly and the Camera Club, Echo and the Bunnymen, Psychedelic Furs, Built to Spill, Death From Above 1979, Primus and the Pixies all kind of rolled into one beautiful mess. Another thing that is evident to me as I listened to the supremely engaging tracks like Hit the Six, Chelsea Hotel #3, Houdini Grave, Green Needles and the spartan Windows (that made me think of early Pixies) is that this is a band that is not second guessing their art. Not trying to play to the listener. I feel they are creating art for themselves as any artist should be and it is fucking awesome.

For now please check out the aforementioned Windows as I delve more into Video Daughters self titled album (and see full link below as well)-

 Full Link Below to listen and Pre-Order: https://alreadydeadtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ad191-video-daughters-video-daughters

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